Search and selection of CEO in Kiev

Consulting company Gloria, reviews about work of which confirm excellent reputation of the enterprise and specialization of which - search and selection of staff (Kyiv region, and now the whole Ukraine) carries out orders from search and the selection of CEO, for capital structure. This recruitment agency knows all about how to select capable, honest and hard-working people to the most highly paid and prestigious jobs. Recall as Chief executive officer includes at least 5 major functions:

- determination of the company's strategy (sometimes together with the shareholders);

- preparation, implementation of plans based on the strategy;

- dismissal of subordinate him staff;

- implementation of current business management;

- debug of business processes.

The main task of the modern CEO - is the integration of company enterprise around. Moreover, this applies not only to the period of growth, but also to a difficult period of crisis and changes in the economy. Actually due to the mismatch to the last commonplace enough for successful companies in recent years and has become a whole series of changes of CEOs.

If we are talking about the selection of CEO, the recruitment company Gloria is based on three basic postulates. First of all taking into account job evaluation system of the professional. The second important factor - the absence of senior ex officio, ie It seems very problematic and the very possibility of assessing performance. We want to specify that the board of directors, for example, can not play the role of a higher authority, dur to direct communication between themselves and the CEO and it is the third component, which makes difficult search and selection of staff. Note, Kiev, now increasingly exposes the vacancy of general director. What are the reason? Their are few and Recruiting Company Gloria to share his thoughts on the subject. Major transformation in enterprises today are focused, as a rule, either to gain control of the board of directors of the general director of operations, or to align the interests of shareholders and management. In the first case, according to recruiting agency Gloria, focuses on what is happening on the board, and the second, respectively, imposed certain management strategies. Not the best variant of the decision of administrative problems and the general director of the division of functional and chairman of the board of directors, the appointment of a permanent auditor, evaluation and election commissions. Practice shows that the chosen director with the prefix "gene" is, first of all, analyzing his business acumen, professional and personal interests and focus on the owner. It is mandatory and the formulation of specific requirements for the closure of vacancies for the post of director general. It should be noted that professional managers today are extremely cautious and carefully analyze and competitiveness, and the company's image, and its own capacity in the context of the challenges ahead. Because in many cases, even with excellent working conditions, social package, and excellent pay, but without seeing the path to profitability, for example, because of the chosen strategy, applicants and refuse to cooperate. In other cases, the company, budding, even at lower pay are to cooperate.

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