Search and personnel selection in Kiev

Real professionalist of the recuitment knows, that today the search and employee selection is comparable to the real art. The last one base and on the professional, and personal recruiters qualities. That is why the personnel search, Kiev or any other city - is not important, it is necessary to trust to those partner, the experience and reputation of which inspire the trust. Everything is logic , from the choosen by you specialists of the concret HR-agency will depend the quality and effectiveness of your personnel. It is important also, and methods, which are used  in the work by the concret recruiting company.

We will tell you about several the most demanded methods at the market, with help of which the employees search in the most various directions is realised, including the it specialists selection.

Firstly, the so-called aggressive headhunting is popular. Its method is based on that hypothesis, that the specialists of higher level even don't think about the work place change. That is why the principal task of the headhunter is to bring to the potential applicants more worthy conditions and perspectives, offered by the competetive company. Agrressive headhunters in the arsenal have big quantity of the methods. For example, the dealing with a tempting offer to the potential candidate is practised in the important days for him. Because especially in such period, people is the most sensative to everything new and ready to the positive changes in their life. Again one method is possible to call recommended. It consists in the fact that the final candidates for a certain position are asked to name 2-3 names of potential experts from among former colleagues for potential employers, and also to say the contact information of the latter.

If the potential recruting company looks for the high-qualified employers, because it is used very often the headhunting method. This is what is called the search for employees who earn their own money. In addition, the specialists in the sphere of the electrical energy industry, mechanic engineering, construction are searched within agrressive headhunting.

And about the advantages of the long-distance personnel selection. Today in such way we realise not only so-called local search, but also the closing of the international level vacancies. In addition in such way it is realised not only the selection of it specialsts, accountants, designers, journalists, but also the personnel of trades.

How not to remember about general automatization and about it-systems. If it is about HR-digital, so it is new thinking forming, and, correspondingly, absolutely new approach to all variants of the interactions with real and potential personnel. The experts predict, that in 2018 year the worlwide soft market for the recruitment will achieve  $2 bilion.

It is necessary to precise that experienced recruiters use very rare in their activity one-two estimation methods of the candidates on the post. As a rule, personnel search, mainly Kiev, suppose the combination of several approaches. It is used the classics, checked by years and new developments. For example, the technology of complex identification of business, personal, professional qualities of potential employees, their skills and knowledge differs by good feedback. The last one supposes the consistent implementation of a whole range of evaluation activities. The applicants correspond to corporate culture of the company, its goals, as well as strategy. The estimation caracteristics in these cases service the competencies models. which is developed earlier on the base of the key requirements to the concret post.