Retraining and self-education is a modern trend

Gloria is a well-known recruiting company (Kiev), which not only provides a variety of recruiting services under the contract, quickly searches for candidates, selects qualified staff, but also pays great attention to educational, preventive work. Posts from leading specialists of the company are equally interesting to both colleagues in the workshop and interested clients of the enterprise. The purpose of this short publication is to talk about the potential for retraining and the benefits of self-education.
The term "retraining" in modern society is used to mean professional retraining. This kind of additional education is meant when, on the basis of an existing profession, an interested person can master a new specialty, and in a short period of time. We are talking about a maximum of 3 months of retraining, after which a person is completely ready to work already in a new place. The main difficulty of retraining is called a person’s psychological readiness for change and an informed choice of the specialty that is truly in demand on the market.
Let's talk about retraining in IT-ishnik. To clarify, such recruiting services under the contract today are the most demanded in Ukrainian megacities. The fact is that the selection of personnel in the IT sphere is both specific and difficult, because people with a special mentality, requirements, and special skills are most often involved in this industry. Most of them are introverts who prefer to work on a "remote site" according to a rather specific schedule (during typical business hours, they are usually not available). IT specialists, in addition, are very demanding in terms of personal space and incredibly value their time. And long correspondence for them, and visits to interview offices are in the category, rather, of unpleasant events. Therefore, retraining of employees when IT selection of personnel is required for a particular enterprise can be a good way out. Of course, a quick search for candidates for retraining should be entrusted to true professionals.
Further, it makes sense to dwell on the benefits of self-education. It is considered to be, in many ways, the best alternative not only to advanced training, but also to a second higher education. What is such a unique potential for self-education? Most importantly, it (with a serious approach) provides more relevant knowledge. Most innovative ideas today are first discussed in professional blogs, and only then published in the form of books, introduced into educational programs and, as a result, taught to students. Self-education, thus, provides an opportunity for topical developments to pick up what is called in the bud. In particular, the latter is relevant when learning what, in one way or another, is related again to IT technologies. In this area, as is known, knowledge in textbooks, unfortunately, has a status of hopelessly outdated.
And at the end, the Gloria recruiting company (Kiev) cites the main advantages of self-education:
1. Much more motivation for learning, thanks to the relevance and personality of the latter.
2. A personalized training program is possible and most fruitful.
3. Self-education significantly expands the circle of communication.
4. There is an opportunity to really learn from the best, who have suffered their knowledge, skills.
5. Free of charge.
Retraining + self-education is the trend of our time, providing good social mobility.