Required skills for work - Senior Account Manager

Recently, good managers or, as they are called in professional circles - managers, literally in weight of gold. Reputable specialists offer decent wages, excellent working conditions and even a full social package. The above is familiar to you not by hearsay? Have you already tried your hand at management and are even ready to move to a higher level? Then today's article will be incredibly valuable, useful and relevant for you. And all because today we will talk about the position of Senior Account Manager or, in Russian transcription, "Senior Account Manager". In particular, we would like to tell you about what skills are needed today to obtain such a position.
Before we start talking about the necessary skills, we note that the following information was shared with us by the authoritative recruiting agency "Gloria" - a proven company that has been providing recruitment services for more than ten years. At the moment, the main specialization of "Gloria" is it's recruiting. Kyiv is the main region where the company conducts a search for its personnel, as well as provides recruitment services for other areas and profiles.
The first thing that Gloria recruiting agency marks is that no one will hire you as a senior customer service manager unless prior to that you have an experience as a junior account manager. And such length of service, depending on the specific company and its internal rules, norms, can be completely different. In small firms, it usually refers to 1-2 years or even 6 months. The more and more authoritative the company, the longer you will need to work there (in a third-party company) in the initial position (usually from 1 to 5 years), then to be able to apply for the position of Senior Account Manager.
The next mandatory, formal requirement for those who want to take the post of senior manager for work with clients is the availability of higher education. By the way, this is the highest education, also depending on the characteristics of the company itself, its profile, the "working" product / service can also be different. Some enterprises will be satisfied with the presence of psychological higher education, while in others they will insist on the mandatory availability of a diploma of economic or even legal profile.
In addition to the above mandatory requirements, in order to qualify for the post of senior manager for work with clients, you will definitely need some specific personal qualities. One of the very first and most important of these qualities is communication.
Communicative here really is extremely important and necessary, because the main task of a senior manager is to keep the old and attract new customers. And how can this be done without the ability to find a common language with everyone and everyone? However, good communication skills are important for the senior manager also because he will need to monitor the work of junior specialists, support among them, on the one hand, healthy competition, and on the other - to promote a favorable microclimate in the team. Get it all will help excellent communication skills. However, in this case, organizational skills will also be useful. The latter will be useful, however, and in the process of holding exhibitions, actions, presentations. Among other important personal qualities - the ability to analyze and strategically think, stress-resistant, good learning.
Once again, we are reminded that Gloria, a company that professionally carries out a search for its personnel, provided us with assistance in creating this publication. The main region where this agency conducts its recruiting is Kiev.