Recruitment in Ukraine


The labor market in Ukraine is actively began to develop in the early years of the two thousandth. During this period, formed a certain type of employment services, which are represented by professional, legitimate companies. Given the changes to the legislation of Ukraine in 2012, the only subject of business, which provides recruiting services for the employer (who pays for this service) in the legal field, is a recruitment agency.


The company employer should realize that in searching the staff, it is important to take account of requirements for applicants for an open position, and followed the wishes of her understanding of what staff is needed at this stage of the company. All these requirements can not be met if a company which is engaged in providing personnel, provides interests of the applicant, not the employer. Managers of such companies are ready, obviously, convince a potential employer that the candidate is suitable to the opened position. Because the essence of their work is not a recruitment, but employment of individuals, citizens or not citizens of Ukraine.


Such practices has more minuses than pluses. Thus, there is no guarantee that even if a certain candidate seniority who are looking for work managers on employment will be suitable for all reasonable requirements of the company - the employer. There is no guarantee of good faith in the manager's employment, which operates in a commercial structure, aimed at making a profit. No person may act as a guarantor that the managers of such companies on employment, provide objective, reliable, proven factors about job applicants.


Recruitment Agency - is a company which is directed to cooperate with the direct interaction with the employer. What makes it an objective and reliable partner not only for companies but also for job seekers. In this interaction not only candidate pays nothing, it can also be confident in the reliability of the existence of a specific job in general, and in the reliability of the company, which applies for personnel selection. This is a unique professional intermediary in the labor market of Ukraine, whose competence and quality checked by means of cooperation and fulfillment of a contractual relationship.


Anna Rybchenko