Recruitment Agency "Gloria" - selection of IT professionals

Recruitment Agency "Gloria" - selection of IT professionals

Every modern company to achive success requires a skilled's IT specialists. What for? To this category includes quite a big number of specialties (from the programmer to the database administrator), but their main task is to connect your company with a PC, the Internet and advanced mobile technologies, thereby increasing the efficiency of labor and the level of sales, the popularity of manufactured products (rendered services), etc.

It is clear that the above-mentioned term "IT specialist" and why do they need such professionals in the company, a little simplified. In fact, everything is much more difficult. It is especially difficult for companies to decide what employee of IT - sphere do they really need, and where and how to look properly.

Search and selection of IT personnel - it's really not an easy task, because at first you need to understand exactly for whom to search, and then also need to determine the right place for such a search, and the criteria that will help to distinguish true professional from those who thinks itself so. However, all this will help you to easily understand a recruitment agency Gloria. Vacancies (Kiev and not only) in the IT field, this company helps to close to its customers for more than 8 years, and doing it really well.

Consulting company Gloria, reviews of  which work is always very positive, really professionally performs IT Recruitment  for its clients. Moreover, in the first stage, this recruitment agency has set itself the main task to determine what an expert exactly you really need. Perhaps this is the programmer of 1C or Java, or maybe Unix system administrator, perhaps, a web designer, etc. The correct formulation of the problem - that's the first step to ensure that the agency Gloria will fill vacancy (Kiev - the main town of the company, but we will be glad to help businesses and from other cities) of your company with really the correct personnel.

Search and selection of IT staff from the company Gloria in the second stage involves the correct choice of the market to find you the most suitable staff. If the company is small enough, and they need a common system administrator without the specific knowledge and skills, it would be appropriate to use as the search market even freelancers sites and departments of universities. Such a specialist will cost your company quite inexpensive and, at the same time, it is easy to satisfy all requests of your company. On the other hand, if a company needs a narrow specialist, for example, the developer of user interfaces of web-applications, then the search will need to lead already on specialized job-services, professional forums.

IT Recruitment in the next step involves the development and selection of the most appropriate in your case (it all depends on what kind of specialist you need and where it will be carried out the search) methods to identify professional competitors. Which methods are used by consulting company Gloria? Reviews on the Internet and recommendations from former employers, tests tasks and discussion with questions on the theory - usually is using all this, in the end, what makes IT Recruitment from Gloria so qualitative.

This is only on paper selection process described above, the search's IT specialists by staff of Gloria looks so extensive and lengthy. In fact, the above steps worked out by experts of the recruitment agency in details and can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks’ time.