Recruitment agencies - the pros and cons


Professional services for the recruiting of the labour market of Ukraine are realized through a recruitment agency. Created by recruitment agencies for recruitment, but, like any other company, they come with pluses and minuses. Recruitment Agency in Kiev gloria holds leadership positions in recruiting, and we want to draw the attention of all employers and recruitment clients' of agencies  on pluses and minuses of companies for recruitment. Search firm you can trust personnel, must meet the following requirements: the company must have professional recruiters - this qualified staff who understand all the technology selection process and selection of personnel, understanding the labor market, know the specifics of the scope of businesses that work. Company recruiters have to work for an employer, which means that the services it pays for recruiting employers. Do not trust to HR  companies that charge for their services, both the applicant and the employer. After all, difficult to talk about fairness to the selection of a candidate if you is his fee for the job, and in cases receiving the desired position, the company will receive additional fees from the same candidate. Recruitment agencies for recruitment should be your base resume its base of recommendations  and the personnel reserve. The downside is the period of non-durable agency in the market. It is impossible to collect a large database of candidates for a year or two of the labor market.


Many recruitment agencies, realizing this, intentionally added to the term of their company. For example, they point out, at times, very large numbers - 12, 15 or 25 years. Attended a general recruitment business in Ukraine 25 years ago - think the answer is obvious. Of course, the same, and there is a beautiful lie to get customers. Company recruiters must have completed projects and the availability of recruiting customer base. Many recruitment agencies Kiev add to a list of their clients are absolutely incomprehensible, foreign logos. That nothing will say to you or what kind of company, as a logo (without full names) for the first time you see or what make this company. Recruitment Agency in Kiev gloria is working with various companies, and most of them are available on our corporate website. Where you can not just learn about the activities of our staffing agency, but directly, go to the site of the company - the customer. We gave you to think only a small portion of the pros and cons of recruiting agencies, in order for you to make the right choices. Follow our publications in the future, we will add to the list.