Recruiting the staff in 2012


Many companies, in different periods of its business, faced with the question of replacement personnel, or searching for new staff. Replacement of personnel involves the decision of dismissal of a specialist and replace it with a new officer. Unfortunately, many managers are still extremely difficult to offer such solutions. It is connected with personal relationships and fear of the introduction of a new specialist. Recruitment Agency in its work is aimed at independent and competent assessment of the candidate according to a particular job. Uncertainty of the head in staff replacement, which is based on personal relation to an employee of the company is easy to understand. Recruiting is not aimed at the dismissal of all, and replacement by new  personnel, the task of such a service -  the professional staff has held jobs that will generate profits of the company. Recruitment through a professional company deserves much attention from the fact that recruiters have impartial judgment on the candidates for open positions of their clients.


Professional company personnel, recruitment agency, always evaluates staff for open positions of its customers, based on the efficiency factor of an employee for a commercial enterprise. To date, some employers, instruct to find staff to  their friends, freelancers. In such a situation does not save the company, because their services are cheaper than a professional recruiting. This is not the economy, and self-deception. Your friend will look for your staff based on the fact that he knows you, and therefore, supposedly knows what you need specialists in the field. But this is very misleading. After recruitment, a recruitment specialist who, through their personal and professional competencies are suitable to the requirements of company for staff members. Selecting staff by associations, impressions, sympathies - it is not competent opinion and personal judgment. For personal opinion is not worth paying the fee. After this work with the staff, many employers coming unjustified, false disappointed in finding staff in general. Change it, to feel what is suitable personnel could only by refer to the correct, highly professional company, which is a consulting company "Gloria"