Recruiting companies - search methods of staff


Recruiting companies - search methods of staff


Over the past five years, the labour market in Kyiv and Ukraine in general, has undergone significant changes and formations. The reason for this was the development of new industrial areas, the economic crisis, increasing the requirements for the competence of professionals, strengthening social responsibility of manufacturers. Kiev, being the capital , feels  dynamic labor market. Thus, it is impossible already for a long time to pick a chief accountant at the company, by filing a vacancy announcement in the newspaper or any other source media. Search staff can not be effected by a simple selection of a summary. For a quality selection of competent personnel, recruitment companies use modern methods and techniques of search and recruitment.


Consulting company "Gloria", as the market leader in recruitment agencies in Kiev,  uses the most efficient and modern methods of recruitment. Implemented by us personnel - the definition of the most talented and appropriate, the best candidates that fit the company (customer service personnel search), and complex support for each HR project.


Many recruitment companies are too inexperienced, or static, which prevents them to carry out qualitatively exaction of staff, given current trends and conditions of the labor market in Kiev. Consulting company "Gloria" has many years of experience, constantly improving their technology works and has essential professional knowledge, because of this, we provide a consistently high level of services we provide. High skill allows us to always maintain not only high but also to do their work quickly, efficiently provide a solution to the employer in personnel matters.


Consulting company "Gloria" as a reliable partner for the recruitment of highly qualified personnel searches, conducting their own selection and offer each client just finished a result of HR. Recruiting staff from our company, is the selection of senior executives, top - management, including on the replacement of unique or new positions in the labor market; is the work of middle managers, assist in closing the sample position, is to create a database summary, according to customer requirements (Resume box); a massive recruitment in Kiev and Ukraine (Mass recruitment) and selection of temporary staff.


Lyudmila Petruchenko