Reasons why good employees can quit

Recruitment agency (Kiev) "Gloria", whose specialization is professional recruiting services, has always been focused primarily on people, because it is on them that any successful business is built. In fact, the recruitment of top managers, as well as the recruitment of ordinary performers, if they are truly the best specialists, directly depends on the success of the company. However, even IT recruiting (Ukraine and its experts confirm this) would simply not be in demand if everything was perfect and good employees did not leave the team from time to time. What is most often associated with their dismissal? What are the reasons why professionals decide to change the kind of ideal place to work? The recruitment agency (Kiev) “Gloria” below offers its own vision of this problem, and the post does not consider the obvious reasons for dismissal (rejection by the team, inconsistency of the position held, etc.).
In the first place among the reasons for dismissal, specialists offering professional recruitment services, highlight stagnation. Speech, in simple terms, about stagnation or routine. It is understood that the implementation of the same tasks over a fairly significant period of time, without any prospects for growth and advancement. In addition, this situation is also dangerous because dissatisfaction with oneself and life, in general, does not have a positive effect on the performance and attitude of the team. There is no clear goal - ambitious people will leave, and even decent wages will not keep them. Especially the above is typical for such a sphere as IT. Recruiting (Ukraine) monthly demonstrates a lot of open vacancies in this area, and therefore there is much to leave.
Dangerous for team performance and blurring goals. Talented people rarely agree to the implementation of meaningless (in their vision) tasks.
Often, the idea of ​​dismissal is trivial banal fatigue, associated with either work-around or clearly overstated demands. As a result - firing and dismissal. It is important to notice in time the moment when a specialist under any pretext began to refuse to perform certain tasks, and, after finding out the reason for such behavior, to eliminate the hindrance.
The leadership mercaltility also negatively affects creative employees. If at the forefront of the company put the numbers, making a profit, and sincere, human relations "in the pen", many prefer to change jobs.
A current reason for Ukraine is the lack of proper recognition. Think of good words that are pleasant to the cat, and do not forget to encourage subordinates for success. It really is a simple and effective tool to support performance. In fact, it is not so essential to single out bonuses and raise wages ... It is much more important to thank you in time, one-on-one, and in the face of the whole team.
Of course, such components as trust, the degree of bureaucracy, leadership style, and finally, ethical standards cultivated in the company are important. The reason for the dismissal of many people are the specific leaders, despite the fact that firms and specialist positions are satisfied entirely. Therefore, from time to time it is not superfluous to ask yourself what is realistic to do so that the management of subordinates is the least “toxic” and the most effective ...
Recruitment agency (Kiev) "Gloria", whose specialization is professional recruitment services, encourages the management of enterprises to the maximum attention to subordinates. Only by noticing the problem on time, can it really be solved by joint efforts and not brought to dismissal. Thus, it is possible to avoid the next recruitment of senior managers, ordinary employees. Do not be afraid of changes, be as attentive as possible to people, and you will save your unique team!