Proper selection of cadres

    On statistical data the vast majority (89 percent) of companies - employers cited a lack of experience, availability of technical deficiencies and lack of skills or interpersonal skills, with their employees as one of the obstacles to business development. In the workplace, people need such skills as the ability to work together, critical thinking and agility, the ability to think innovatively. But this statistic does not say that such experts do not exist, she says about the wrong selection and placement of personnel in the field.

     During the financial crisis, companies have been forced to maintain financial flexibility to make large reductions in costs, including saving on recruitment and staff as a whole.

      But now it is harder and harder to find a talented specialist , we are moving in the direction of the global crisis amusement. Employers should review their model of working with technology staffing, and develop a sound strategy for building a team that is in some sense "produces" the talent they need to fulfil their long-term business - strategy. In keeping with the old assumptions that the team can save money and be able to make up for lost time, in today's competitive business, leaves the business at risk.

      We work every day with dozens of candidates and employers. This allows us to lay down a general picture about how the labour market and in business as a whole. There is only one conclusion - a successful, competitive business - it is the right strategy and tactics, which included a qualified talented staff.