Profession Content Manager, places for work

Those, who recently looked for a work on the network, probably not one time have met with the announcements with the vacancy such as "Content Manager". But what is the profession, how and when dit it appear, where do they work and how many the similar specialists get? About all this we asked the specialists "Gloria" - recruiting agency that makes professionally pesonnel search and selection. Kiev is the principal place of the agency of the agency, but it also make the professional personnel selection in another cities of the country, and also for the clients abroad. Taking into account this, the mentioned above information about content managers will be really useful, actual from the position not only ukrainian, but also international labour market.

We start that the similar profession appeared together with the appearance of the first website. It is not surprising, because it is acceptable to call all graphic, text and video-information, which are on that or another resource. Consequently, a content manager - is that specialist who finds, selects (sometimes create by itself) the information, and then places it at the website.

In fairness we notice, that the content managers' work is not so easy and simple, how it can seems firstly. The thing is in that not every news, not every picture or photo should be added to the site. All the resource material should obligatory correspond  to the SEO requirements (search optimization). As a result, the content manager should get acquianted with the main SEO principles.

In spite of this, content managers often have to work with text content, literacy is important, the ability to write without errors, and also to find these mistakes in the already created another texts.

The process of the adding content  at the site is also often not as simple and easy as it might seem initially. To make everything very quickly, litteracy and qualitative, the content manager should know simply programming languages. And the good content manager should know these programming languages perfectly.

Above we listed the main professional skills, knowledge, which the person should know to receive the content manager position. But the recruiting agency "Gloria" and its leading specialists sure, that without some personal qualities to be on the similar position will be impossible. So, the recruiting agency "Gloria" assures that to work as content manager without deligence, ability to make monotonous work for a lont time is not allowed. Also the attentiveness, exactitude  and capability to work with extensive volume of the information is important.

On the basis of all mentioned above, the content managers place work - is, of course, that or another website. What concerns where actually should be the person during the performance of the similar requirements, so it is very often his home. Yes-yes, as usually, the content-managers work remotely, that is, from their own home. Rarely, the similar specialists need to work in the offices. In such case, it is about the content managers of the tremendous news portals, SEO-studios, mass media, promotion agencies and etc.

What concerns the salary, so, on average, content managers receive from 5 to 20 thousand of UAH for one month of work. It is clear that that the more a person's skills, knowledge, experience, so he can count on a large amount of a monthly reward.

Do you want to work as content manager? Or, on the contrary, do you interested in the litteracy specialists selection of the similar profile? In the first and in the second case you will be assisted by the employees of the Gloria agency, which make the recruitment for many years. Kiev - here is the main, but not single place of the company work. The enterprise also make the specialists selection in the another cities of the country. In addition, we remind again, that the professional personnel selection the employees of "Gloria" often carry out  for the foreign customers.