Pluses and minuses of the work during the studies

Many of us dedicated the years of the studies especially to the learning of the books, when at the same time some groupmates from the first courses have time not only to study well, but also to gain practical experience, earning money here and there....The studentship, according to the psychologists, - the best period for the realisation of the plans and ideas, showing yourself  in the the different spheres. And let the teachers are absolutely against for such combination, many of the companies employ the students willingly, firstly, it is possible to pay less for the students. Secondly, from them it is possible to bring up such specialists who are needed here and now. Thirdly, the young people are creative and full of ideas, and always are ready to work more and more for more than the modest reward...

For the students the work during the studies can be so useful. Firstly, this inspiring possibility to feel yourself absolutely independent of the parents in the financial plan. In spite of the good revenue, as for the young person, this is amazing possibility ti learn somethins new, try yourself in the different sides, show yourself, but principal, to find  a place in the future. Perfectly should work bring not only the material support, but also the plaesure? Everyone want in the concious age to do what you love and that, acoording to the aphorism of the Confucious,  in life that's why there was not a single working day....So if you like your job, try, that your potential will be appreciated, and then, it is likely, after the graduation of the university you will be offered an appropriate post and worthy salary, better work conditions.

There is nothing to write about the minuses of the student side-job. Eveything is clear.  The salary is not high, and part time of the work, combining the work with studies, the majotiry disregard the last one,  miss the lectures due to this suffer during the coming session. In spite of this, it needs to pick yourself up, become more responsible and disciplined. Because you do not miss the work as the boring lecture. The job descriptions, how uncoplimcated they will be, you have to perform faithfully. And, of course, it is necessry to notice about own health, which the students sacrifice who are employed at night shifts.

Do not afraid to combine the work with studies, this is really! Set the goals and achieve it! The succesful career is possible to start in the students years. The good example of that - Elizabeth Holmes, who was being the student of the Stanford, was able to create the company Theranos, specializing on the budget blood diagnostics. The second example - Shahid Khan, who arrived in the states from Pakistan. The list of such people, in fact, is tremendous. Today they have the millionth states , but they began their career having been the students. Think about this, but the internership, the freelance job choоse very scrupulously! It needs to priotitize correctly, to plan the work shedule exactly and work so much that it does not cause damage to either mental health or psychological health.

In spite of the resume. The specialists of the recruiting company Gloria recommend for the students the search and keeping some balance between the studying and work. The principal in this period must be studying. The work is possible, but with the flexible shedule. In spite of this, do not forget about the friends, sport and entertainment!