Personnel relocation - one of the optimal decisions of the staff deficit

Personnel relocation - one of the optimal decisions of the staff deficit

It is not long ago in the professionals' arsenal, which make the selection and personnel specialists, the new definition "relocation" is appeared.  The explanation on this question was given to us by the recruiting agency on IT staff selection and another personnel - "Gloria". We remember that the recruiting agency (Kiev - the place of the head office location) "Gloria" works  on the market quite long time and has impeccable reputation. That is why we can trust bravely to its words.

So, the personnel relocation - is the person replacament on another living place ( it can be not only another city, another region, or another country or continent), related with the receiving of the new vacancy. It is necessary to notice immediately, that it is very often that big company and also transnational enterprises resort to the relocation.

Why do we need the relocation? The personnel relocation is always related with the deficit of this or another high qualified or highlyspecialized (manufacturing, IT and etc.) cadres in this or that region, city.

Relocation in the modern realities has two principal directions. The first is expected an invitation of the native specialists at work abroad. The principal cause of the relocation in the given case - cadres deficit abroad and  possibility to pay less amount of the funds to the ukrainian specialists. The second thing  - is employees moving in small cities, related with the opening of the last ones those or another manufacturing enterprises,birthplaces. In this ocassion the need in the relocation provokes aready other causes - severe shortage of the highqualified personnel or necessary specialization on the places.

It is interesting, that the  first searches of the employee's further relocation is always quite cheap for the recruiting agencies clients. Especially, this is actual in that case, if the specialists selection or search is ordered by the representative of the foreign enterprises. It is not suprising, because the recruitment work, as, indeed, the publication of ads in various sources, in our country is much cheaper than abroad.

The expenses become more significant when the relocation comes to its logic end, especially, employee's moving. Firstly, if at  starting stages the negotiating with potential candidate is conducted traditionally on the phone, so for the last candidate's interview  is always asked to move on the place of the future work personally.  But, of course, such trip is paid by the employer. 

Secondly, further moving, and also housing rent (in full or on 50-70% )is always paid by the employer.

It is more often than not that the specialists, which are asked to work at new place, ask the permission to move his family on the new place. Agree or not - the company-employer's choice. But, as usual, the positive decision in this relation is worthy and for a company. The first: there is not any possibility to pay any costs on the family moving.  The second: if the family rests in another cite/country, the employer is automatically turns into "pendulum" - he will go regularly "back and forth". This does not have the best effect on the physical and emotional state of the employee. The third: agree with the request, you you subconsciously provoke the employer's gratitude and immediately  can dictate your terms ( for example, you take with you your family, we will select for the lease big flat, but we will not pay for it in full, but only on 50%).

In addition, the recruiting agency of IT personnel selection and another employees "Gloria" is always ready to give you the help on the renovation organisation. Moreover, its services this recruiting agency (Kiev, Ukraine) offers to the representatives for both native and foreign enterprises.