Our company conducts professional selection of insurance professionals

Our company conducts professional selection of insurance professionals

A large database of experienced candidates for the insurance for such jobs as:

  • Head of Insurance Division
  • Head of Insurance Department
  • Head of Reinsurance Department
  • Head of department claims settlement
  • Head of legal department of an insurance company
  • Chief Accountant of the insurance company
  • Chief Financial Officer of the insurance company
  • Specializes in working with avto dillers
  • Chief of Security department Insurance Company
  • Head of Property Insurance department
  • Head of Corporate Insurance
  • The Head of financial - economic security of the insurance company
  • Head of the Department work with the vip - customers
  • Sales Manager for Insurance Services

An example of our requirements for candidates for
"Head of Reinsurance"

  • Higher education the economic or legal;
  • Work experience with Western reinsurers;
  • Knowledge of the insurance legislation of Ukraine;
  • Knowledge of standard and optional contracts reinsurance;
  • OR in the administration of obligatory reinsurance contracts, preparation of reports;
  • Experience in  drafting of requests for quotas optional risks, if necessary, translating documents into English;
  • The ability to arrange for reinsurance bordereau;
  • Orientation in the construction of the optimal reinsurance protection;
  • Work experience in to ensure the necessary documents for foreign currency accounts with foreign partners;
  • Work experience for the organization of documents and payments under contracts of reinsurance;
  • Knowing the rules of the database of reinsurance contracts;
  • Successful experience with reinsurers;
  • High analytical and organizational skills;
  • The presence of the recommendations;
  • Knowledge of English;

In order to apply for recruitment in the insurance industry using the form application (for recruitment) or contact our specialists by phone numbers listed on the page "contacts."

For job seekers our services are free. All applicants may send us your resume or visit us at the address listed on the page "contacts".

Financial terms of cooperation (without payment):

Recruitment specialist areas of insurance - the cost in the amount of monthly salary of the employee.

  • 70% - payable on the fact of an employee
  • 30% - after the trial period (but not more than 3 months).


  • operative replacement - once, for a trial period at no extra charge
  • efficiency and quality of selection throughout the territory of Ukraine (test recommendations and due diligence, professional and psychological testing, etc.)

Recruitment (recruiting) is carried out for 10 to 20 working days, depending on the complexity of the vacant positions.