On whom you need to study to be in demand on the labor market

On whom you need to study to be in demand on the labor market

Before each school leaver the question came up as to which university and which speciality to choose in order to be in demand on the labor market. Some happy children earlier know exactly, whom they want to be, beforhand start to get the necessary knowledges, and as a result, as usually quite well arranged in the their life, doing the favorite things. I addition these persons traditionally willingly take to the service even in those, it would seem, organizations, where it is simply impossible to get a job...

But what to do if the with you and your child the situation is absolutely another? How to behave, if your son or daughter does not know who to be and what to do? In this case it is important to behave wisely and to choose those speciality , the workers of which in the future garantely will be in demand on the labor market. About the most promising similar specialities, we would like to tell you lately.

1.      IT-specialists. IT-specialists are incredibly in demand today and as the experienced specialists assure, such tendance will be saved in the next few yeras. For instance if you do not only want in the future garantely to obtain the employment, but also dream to obtain the big money, and even to go for abroad by invitation, so this variant is the most suitable. Another thing, for that to develop the software and not only, the person needs the necessary qualities. Attentiveness, assiduity, and even the non standard thinking, analytical habit of mind - that what help you to achive the success in the IT-sphere and succesfully to graduate the correspondent university. If you or your child have not got these qualities, so it is highly liked you( your child) is the person creative, addicted to the adventure  and press upon to the lack of the lively communication, so it is better to choose another variant.

2.       Health professions. The medical professions are in great demand and will be in demand (again, by the projections of the people who knows) in the future. Another thing, that the chance to obtain easily the employment, receive the bug money and also to for abroad will be in those people, who will become the real professionals, medical shiners in that or another sphere. To achive this high professional level, it is necessary to have the thirst for knowledge. For the medical professions, the assiduity, attentiveness, and how it does not sound strangely, the strong nerves are very  important. Do you and your child not possess all the necessary skills? Choose another speciality.

3.      Marketing experts. The people always sold something, and the people always will sell something. And it is absolutely not strange, that the specialists, which know how to arise the sale level were in demand earlier and it is clear that they will be in demand in the future. What concerns that, by which skills must have those of us, who want to be the successful marketing expert, so here on the first place is the analytical mind, thisrt for the knowledge of the psychology. In spite of this, if you will work "in the field", but not only develop the sales strategiсs "offscreen", so for you it will be important the thirst and ability to communicate. The person without all these skills is unlikely to succed and easy to find the job on the marketing field.

o get each of the mentioned above professions, the person should enter to the highly educational institution and graduate the correspondent university. But, again, on the projecting of the specialists, in the near future will be in demand and those specialities, which you can get in the training college or secondary school. It is about the specialities of the different service jobs. Especially it concerns the representatives of the building specialities: plasterer, painter, electric and gas welder, joiner, facing worker and etc.