Methods of recruiting the staff for companies


Methods of recruiting the staff for companies


With the development of the labour market in Ukraine, which includes the emergence of new professions, improve existing job positions, increasing the requirements for the qualifications of a position, increased ways and methods of recruitment for companies.


Employment agencies in Kiev are trying to meet the needs of each employer, which leads to the fact that the selection of personnel recruitment, can be divided in many ways of working. To date, a professional recruitment company is able to completely close the application to find staff. In a professional company to search for and requisitions personnel, the leader of which is a consulting company "Gloria" customer reviews, about which confirm this information, working experts on recruitment. Extensive professional experience, of which the level of competence, you can use a variety of modern and classical methods of attracting staff to companies - clients recruitment services.


With a large staff of competent employees, our recruiting company can enjoy not only the most simple methods of finding candidates, such as skriping, in many varieties of its technology. We have thoroughly mastered the classical methods, such as personnel recruitment. This method of direct work with the applicants, the people in the labour market who are willing to consider proposals for the work, are finding a new job, or ready to change it. Consulting company "Gloria" take possession of a large base of candidates, which allows us to quickly and qualitatively important to use this method of searching for staff in their work.


Many recruitment agencies in Kiev do not use this method of search and recruitment as Direct Search (Executive Search). So this is the most difficult and time-consuming technique. Using this method of recruiting requires the personnel manager at the highest level of qualification and professional skills. For five years, our company recruitment, closed more than fifty projects using this method. And each time, closing the application for recruitment, it is a direct search, we have improved their skills, which led to a growing confidence in the company and the call sign of the feedback on the Recruitment of Gloria customers.


Anna Rybchenko