Methods of recruiting the staff

  • Preparation and analysis of requests for personnel: thinning of the information from the company - an employer, acquaintance with the specifics of the customer, building the profile of the opened position
  • Developing a strategy of finding a candidate by our specialists.
  • Professional study of candidates' resumes.
  • Conducting a phone interview.
  • The interview with the candidates for the position of the company - an employer in our office: check compliance with the skills of the candidate to the requirements of the post, check the professional competence of the candidate, the formation of personal portrait of the candidate, a candidate passing the professional and personality tests.
  • Checking references from previous jobs with candidates who were interviewed.
  • Preparing and sending resumes of suitable candidates for the Client.
  • Select Client candidates, whom he wants to invite for an interview.
  • Interviewing our recommended candidates to the company - the employer (in our office or in the office of the company - the customer).
  • Customer Adoption of the candidate for the post.
  • Closure of the vacancy.

Managing Partner of Consulting Company "Gloria"

Lyudmila Petruchenko