Methods for team productivity increasing

If you want  that the employees of your company work more effictively and on the results, so this article was written especially for you. And everything because, today we would like speak with you about the most effective methods, according to the specialists opinions, which are capable to increase work productivity.  In this, it is necessary to notice, that for  the majority of the ideas outlined below, you do not have to spend too much time, energy or money. That is why we recommend you to try everything this in your collective, and, of course, try to share with received results with us.

Possibly, you don't believe, but, on the opinion of the australian scientists, in fact, or to speak more correctly,  on 15% to icnrease the work effectiveness of you team plant. In this it is very difficult to believe, but the results of the of a special three-month study show a significant increase in labor efficiency when there are flowers in the office. The last experts attribute the fact that employees of companies with a "green office" begin to feel stronger and healthier, and they also perceive gardening as a kind of self-care from management.

The results of one experiment (even in the twenties) and a longer (lasting 8 months) experiment proved that the more actively you are changing something in your company, trying to please employees, the better and more efficient the latter will work . And the changes can touch, practically, anything. For example, it can be about changing the lighting in the office, about an easy adjustment of the work schedule (adding new breaks), etc

Another very interesting experiment was also conducted, concerning the improvement of the work efficiency of the employees. In the course of this experiment, workers from one plant were divided into four control groups. The first group for the performance of the task in time promised a prize, the second - food stamps, the third - praise, and the fourth - nothing at all. So, what do you think, which group ultimately worked with maximum efficiency, most effectively? But no, not the one that promised money. The final result of the experiment showed the maximum efficiency of labor in the group, which after each successfully done task was simply praised. How can this be explained? Psychologists say that we understand monetary reward as something due, taken for granted. Bonus in the form of food is quickly forgotten. But praise gives something different, and the immaterial - a sense of need, relevance and it is to the latter that people gravitate. Curious, is not it?

And again one unusual expirement shows, that the most effective produtivity demonstrate that people, which simply...have dinner out of the office. As it turned out, snacks and full dinners right at the workplace only in theory seem like a good idea. In fact, only by breaking away from the computer, we can relax, rest, get rid of stress and activate our creative thinking. This is proved by statisticians: those people who did even small 20-minute breaks during their work, departing from the workplace, showed a 10% better result than their "tethered" colleagues. In general, motivate your employees to go to lunch at a nearby restaurant or, at least, go to a specially assigned table (the latter is better located near the window). Is there such a table in your office?

And also to increase the productivity of the team can the existing of the animal in the office and even short afternoon nap. In general, we will tell you about this in another time.