Labor Market Trends 2019

Recruitment agency (Kiev) “Gloria” is always an effective recruiting, recruiting staff and qualified counseling. In this post, specialists of the day agency will talk about trends in the labor market in the beginning of 2019.
To begin with, both the search and the selection of personnel are also subject to change. Moreover, they occur all the time, as well as the working conditions and the demand for individual professions. For example, could we think a couple of years ago that recruiting personnel with relocation would also mean searching for so-called “remote” specialists. This is due to the fact that analysts predict in the future the priority of the balance of work and personal time. Above this aspect for potential applicants will remain only high salaries, as well as guarantees of long-term employment.
In the near future, the employees of most progressive structures will have the opportunity to work, firstly, anywhere, and still be completely free to choose working hours. However, no one is going to cancel such a component as productivity of work and, despite the flexibility of working conditions, tasks should be carried out in the stated timeframe and in full. It should be noted that the optimal balance between work and personal does not mean that there will be less work. The speed with which you will have to perform official duties will grow and grow ...
Experts predict the introduction of platforms for teamwork, automation (relevant for 1/3 of the operations in 3/5 professions), templates and other useful tools. This, according to analysts, will contribute to the growth of work efficiency and reduce the burden on employees.
Mentoring will not go anywhere, but will develop rapidly in view of the obvious fruitfulness of the partnership of young and experienced professionals. The desire of young employees for rapid career growth is naturally more successfully implemented with the support of experienced mentors. Such cooperation means not only professional support, but also increased motivation as well as staff retention.
Analysts and gender equality predict further development. According to forecasts, in 2019 the percentage of women in company management will increase. This is due to the evidence of scientists increasing profits in those companies in which the leadership involved more women.
Of course, the recruitment agency (Kiev) "Gloria" can not fail to note the obvious increase in salaries in 2019, and in all areas. At the same time, effective recruiting means the expansion of specialized agencies, and the emergence of new staff units in the latter. If we consider the search and selection of personnel, it is necessary to highlight the increased intelligibility of applicants. This aspect is connected, first of all, with a huge choice of vacancies. The latter is due in part to the outflow of qualified personnel to European countries. As a result, at the beginning of 2019 the volume of the labor market in such areas as pharmacy and medicine, hospitality and catering, services, production of consumer goods, and heavy industry has already significantly increased. However, the leading position in the list of open vacancies is still the IT-sphere and agricultural areas.