IT stars of recruitment company Gloria

Search and selection of staff in Kiev - is the main direction of the recruitment company Gloria. Moreover, specialization of the company - is the selection of IT personnel. Employees Gloria' are able not only the close IT vacancies, bit also search, employment of true stars in the industry. How do they succeed? Let's figure it out.

Firstly, in the search of IT personnel, as in all other, important experience. If to look at the company Gloria from this position, its experts have begun to implement it recruitment (Kiev - the main search area, however other cities of the country are also considered) literally from the time when such experts have became relevant, in demand (recall that for our country it was relevant at the end of the two thousandth years).

Secondly, recruitment agency Gloris  literally knows everything about the specifics of the search and selection of IT-staff in the field of IT. And, of course, the staff did not hesitate to use this knowledge in their work. The employees of the mentioned above agency agreed  to open eyes us on some specific issues in search of such experts.

1. Usually it happens like this: the manager of an organization submits a request to our company to find an IT-specialist, describing demands to the candidate and the proposed conditions. Thus, unfortunately, managers forming request, as usual far enough from IT-sphere and therefore not able to form properly the requirements for candidate. Too low requirements - and the found specialist will not be able to perform the work required of the company. Too high - and then a person of this level is unlikely to be profitable and interesting to work with company. It is taking all this into account, the employees of Gloria the search and selection of staff in Kiev, usually start with commensuration how manager requirements are correspond to the reality.

2. Recruitment agency Gloria in the field of IT also uses some conventional system of separation of those professionals who will sell IT-products and those who would create them. If the company needs someone from the first group, in this case, there will be particular requirements imposed for the applicant (including interpersonal skills). If the second, then there is another important than understanding of the strategies of the enterprise (the division of all this, the adoption of the basic methods of work, and, of course, the ability to solve tasks), but the ability to communicate, competently present your product takes a back seat.

3. Sometimes Gloria employees are carrying out the selection of IT staff, offer to their customers long-term strategy not in staff selection, but in growing of own specialists. For some companies, the decision to scholarships and ensuring the future positions  is very relevant, and more than appropriate from an economic point of view.

Considering all given, it becomes clear why employees of Gloria so successfully manage with the closure of IT vacancies. IT recruitment (Kiev this, or any other city in Ukraine) the employees of the said company produced, relying not only on their rich experience, but also taking into account all the specifics of the IT-market in general, and then selecting the appropriate personnel in particular. In addition to all of this (search of IT-specialists) Gloria employees do not hesitate to use all possible resources - the Internet and the media. Quite often, employees, and also suggest the possibility of considering the so-called internal rotation, which is also often brings an excellent result.


Lyudmila Petruchenko