IT specialties for girls

IT-sphere (Kiev) is developing rapidly. Firms that search for the best candidates for this industry have not perceived for a long time the effective recruitment of companies with thoughtful HR processes from the standpoint of gender inequality. Finding the best candidates is based on monitoring the capabilities and potential of the prospective employee.
The IT sphere (Kiev) is characterized by a constant increase in the total number of women involved in the industry. On average, the increase to the year, according to the assurances of statistics, is up to 1.5%. At the moment, the “beautiful half” in the IT sector is represented by just over 20%. In general, recruiting firms recruit girls for testers or business analysts. But Ukrainian girls programmers in leadership positions, even in the capital, are still very rare.
We will understand what specific IT specialties are typical today for girls IT-Ukraine. Such professions as “tester”, “project manager”, “layout designer”, “web designer” are recognized as the most popular. Among the so-called non-technical specialties are leading HR, PR, Sals. It is much less common to meet women in the positions of developers, system administrators. And briefly about those directions that in the near future may become megapopular.
A digital linguist is a professional whose main goal is the development of semantic translation linguistic systems. Implied are those that take into account both context and meaning. This also includes other word processing interfaces, programs for communicating the gadget and people in natural languages.
The data processing systems architect works mainly with the database, action algorithms, and he keeps the quality of information storage under control.
The interface designer of various equipment, equipment, software creates simple, optimal for the average user products, "including" all the senses.
The virtuality architect designs software and equipment solutions to work, learn and even relax in the virtual.
The designer of the virtual worlds creates conceptual projects. It implies both philosophy, and the laws of economics, society, nature, and the rules of social coherence, etc.
The activity of the organizer of virtual communities is the modeling of forums, gaming and educational sites on the network. In this case, the goal is an effective selection of personnel for the implementation of communications between consumers. Similar functions and IT preacher. He is responsible for contacts with the initial consumers of IT products, the introduction of innovative projects in those groups that negatively respond to new technologies.
Most of those who today professionally implement staff recruitment, consider that the gender of the applicant in the IT sphere is not so important. There is an opinion that here the line between male and female labor burns many times more quickly than in other industries. The main thing for the employer is quite different - the employee in his place is obliged to do a good job. For the applicant, this man or woman is not so important; problem solving should be enjoyable. This is ideally, in fact, there are other reasons for considering the prospects in this industry. First, the salaries there are impressive. Secondly, for goal-oriented people, career prospects are real, and also abroad, including. The only condition that must be strictly followed by each of those working in the industry is continuous self-improvement and development as a specialist.