IT recruitment in Kiev from professionals

personnel - it's a fact that confirms the consulting company Gloria, and reviews of its clients. It's curiously enough, that IT professionals demand not only in the high-tech industries, but virtually in all areas of modern business. This creates a high demand for low offer. The situation is important not only for high-level professionals with a decent work experience and with ready progressive design solutions, but also for start-up IT staff with a good knowledge of base and a strong motivation for quality work.

Needless to say, that such situation is greatly complicates the selection of IT personnel. Kiev and its companies, may keep in view an expert assistance.  The consulting company Gloria will provide you with such assistance, the reviews about which and extensive experience in the market without prepayments are the best proof of professionalism. However, let to look at the subject more deeply, exploring not only the issues of IT recruitment, but also to talk about the current state of the market in the country.

IT recruitment in Kiev cannot be considered separately from the situation in the relevant market of the capital, in particular, in the country in general. Therefore, we first briefly describe the general situation, and then we will talk about IT recruiting more specific.

In fact, IT market of our country is quite strong, and well-known in the world. However, the leadership is out of the question, and unfortunately, it is is unlikely will be changed in the near future. What is the reason? Let's take a look.

The main problem of Ukrainian IT market, about which are well aware the recruitment agencies of the country - a lack of young professionals. Firstly, it provokes a general poor demographic situation, and, secondly, - the poor quality of education, which is not yet in line with international standards.

There is the second solution of the above mentioned problem. It is about supporting of education by companies, provided that the prepared specialist will work in the "sponsor"-company. However, in reality, there are a lot of problems. Firstly, the investment in quality training of IT specialists is very high, not every modern facility can afford it. Secondly, there is no guarantee that "prepared" IT specialists will go to work at company, which pay for his learning process. In fact, the mechanism of Soviet times, when a graduate student had three years to work on distribution, now is not working. Apprenticeship agreements are not binding, judicial practice in these cases is practically absent.

The selection of IT personnel provides taking into account the above-described situation. Kiev and recruitment agencies are able to offer for a highly qualified applicants a decent work in the IT industry a several positions with high wages. The final choice will made expert by himself.

However, the above-described positive situation in finding of decent place of job is observed only for those professionals in the sector IT, who are refer to qualified recruiting. That's because the majority of specialists, being strongest in the IT industry, not good enough to cope with writing of resumes and job search.

Given all the above, suggests a simple conclusion - only professional IT recruitment is truly beneficial for applicants of good paying position, but also and for companies offering such.


Lyudmila Petruchenko