Is this effectively to conduct video-interview?

Due to the IT-innovations the average recruiter tools is always added. One of the most interesting variants of the new platform, which permit to optimize effectively the process of the employees selection and in this to make full impression  about the candidates before personal interview, is so-called digital-interview. Russian analogues of the given definition are video-interviews. In addition among the recruiters has already flared up controversy over whether this innovation will take root in Ukraine or not.

The advantage of the given format of the job search is that it is really able to economize the time of the employees and recruiters. Among the disadvantages of the technology is psycological discomfort, which was mentioned by a lot of those, who participated in the given interview. In fact, the relation of the candidate to the video-interview will be also as special indicator for the selection. The experience of the specialists of the recruiting agency "Gloria", for example, shows that the candidates, the applicants related to such a test with interest and completely calm, related to such test with interest and completely calm, as a rule, perfectly close the position on the enterprises with a lot of the employees.

But what is the video-interview, and when it is really effective? Such interview is based on the principal of the virtual communication. Everything is easy, the enterprise, opening any vacant place, create it in the special service system. There is also obligatary some questionary. Further the candidae receives the letter form HR-specialist. The last one is the invitation on the video-interview. It is clear, that it is necessary to work hard and to record movie. The nuance is that the applicant does not receive in advance the entire list of issues and prepare for them he does not have the opportunity. And the questions will be on the screen in the necessary sequence, and minutes, reserved for the answer will be limited to the employer.

The further feature of the modern video-interview - saving of the ready records on the necessary server. According to this, the video is available for the recruiter in any time, as it is possible to send an interview to a higher-level management on demand.

The main advantage of the digital-interview - economy of the working time by the recrutiter. With video-interview it is possible to estimate the candidates, as minimum in three times more!

And now about this when the video-interview is really effective.

Firstly, such technology is practic during the recruiting trainees. On the similar position, as a rule, the students or the people without work experience in the concret sphere are pretended. Correspondingly to this, it is hardly possible to obtain any information about professional competencies from CV of such candidates. The video-interview permit to the recruiter make an estimation of the candidate on another, less important indicators. For example, it is very real to check the leve of the acumen and ability to the untypical decisions.

The video-interview is applicable and effective in the mass recruitment. Especially the latter is expedient, when for a limited period it is required to employ several tens, and even hundreds of people. If to compare the workexpenses on another ways of the staff alalysis, so the video-interview looks like more rational.

Today regional recruitment in the network companies is realised very often by the video-interview, in the view of the effectivenes of the last one. The fact is that unlike the Skyreview interview, the latter does not imply synchronous presence of both participants in the network on the network, and therefore the difference in time zones will not be a hindrance.