Is online interview effective?

More and more often, for an initial acquaintance with a particular company, candidates for a particular position are invited precisely for an online interview. Is it right to act in such a scenario? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this particular method of interviewing? Is online interviewing effective at all? The Gloria recruiting agency (Kiev), a company that has been offering quality personnel selection services for more than 10 years, will help us figure it out. Large domestic and eminent foreign companies often come here when they need a search for the best candidates, including the selection of top managers. Therefore, this company can be safely trusted.
Each type of interview has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, online interviewing is no exception. And, I must say that it is precisely taking these very pros and cons into account that it is just and easiest to draw conclusions regarding the effectiveness of this type of interview. Therefore, further specialists of the Gloria recruiting agency advise us to get acquainted with the main advantages and disadvantages of online interviews.
Let's start with the pros. The first is a significant saving in material resources. Firstly, the company will not need to provide a separate room for an interview and pay for nonresident / foreign applicants. Secondly, the possibility of a group initial online interview (when a group of people is asked alternately a certain number of identical questions, and then the answers are examined in the notes) allows you to “equip” only one or two specialists to find the right employee, rather than involve a whole department for these purposes . And this, again, is cost savings.
The second is a significant time saving. Again, the initial online group interview will take much less time than a possible alternate survey of candidates. Moreover, even a real interview, in a group, usually takes much more time. Why? Very rarely, applicants for the position can meet the rules recommended for answers, which, as a result, extends the interview sometimes even for minutes, but for hours.
The third is the opportunity to find the "golden frame". Perhaps each of us has heard about IT professionals who, due to their atypical thinking, can solve extremely complex tasks. Everyone knows about representatives of various creative professions who see the world “with different eyes” and create true masterpieces within the framework of this vision. So, the first and second usually very hard converge with people. Sometimes for them the real stress is even leaving the house. So, online interviews allow you to find exactly such “golden shots”. In a different setting (an unfamiliar office), such a person may experience extreme stress and simply cannot “open up”. But in the walls of his native apartment, it will be much easier for him to prove himself.
Now about the disadvantages that online interviews, unfortunately, also have. The first such minus is the inability to evaluate the work of the candidate in the team, his ability to find a common language with others, to go / not to compromise. All this can usually be revealed only within the framework of a group real experiment.
The second is the inability to check the applicant in a full stressful situation. Getting a person “out of himself” on “his territory” is usually quite difficult.
Summing up, it is worth saying that there are, of course, disadvantages to online interviews, but they are not very significant. Moreover, the Gloria recruiting agency (Kiev), which provides quality personnel selection services, offers the opportunity to mitigate these shortcomings by inviting a few of the candidates they like to a real meeting. By the way, if necessary, the search for the best candidates, including the selection of managers of different levels using online interviews, can be carried out for your company by representatives of Gloria.