Is it worth to believe the reviews on the Internet about the company?

Is it worth to believe the reviews on the Internet about the company?

Today, in the network you can find everything what you need: starting from the exotic culinary receipts and ending by the advices about that how to attract the man and to bring up the child. Here there is, of course, the reviews of the these or those companies. But it is necessary to read these reviews in that case, of the most concret enterprise interests you in the role of the potential employer? So we try to understand this further.

Instantaneously we would like to say, that, unfortunately, bigger part of theese reviews, which you can find about your potential employer in the network, it is forbidden to believe. On this we have 2 arguments.

The first argument - is writing very often under the feelings influence, in addition negative. From all the real reviews (about the ordered reviews we speak with you further) practically 90 % will be written under the influence of the emotions, in addition negative. It means, loosely speaking. the person is discharged from the work and he, caming to home in the frustrated feelings, in addition negative feelings, immediately took the computer and wrote the negative review about the compnay where he worked.

Why it is worth to believe to the reviews written "on the feelings"? One ancient roman dramaturge said that as there are different people on earth, so many different opinions exist.In addition the man is setted in such way, that his opinion, firstly, is directed on the protection of himself. We can very rarely to appreciate the situation soberly ( especially in the period of the acute insult until the pain has not subsided), that in the conflict we are guilty ourselves ( in full or partially). Because the dissmissal can be in full as conflict - the conflict of your interests and the expectations of the employer. If we speak trustly, no one company or enterprise does not dismiss the good and perspective employee.

What does all of the mentioned-above indicate? About this, that in the review, which wrote the dismissaled person, as soon as, will be describing the subjective look on the situation and approach to the information, given in this comment, it needs very carefully and adjusted, making a discount on the fact that she was expounded under the influence of feelings.

The second argument -  a lot of the reviews in the networks are written on rder, it means payed. In addition, how it sounds strangely, really successful companies spend a lot of money not only for that to "preconize" yourself, but also to "scold" the competitors. That is why, by this ordered reviews there is not need to believe (if in the reviews "on the emotions"  will be spark of the trust, so here or only the solid "honey", or absolutly " tar").

And now the main question is: how to distinguish the ordered reviews from the real. Firstly, it is important the place, on which this review is located - if it is the page of the company, so there is no a lot of chances on the faithfulness.

Secondly, it is important the context of the comment. The review with the small quantity of the concret information is truthful. In general, the comments, in which there are a lot of the official facts (the company H works in 35 cities; the companies K produces 25 types of the armhairs and so on) also need attention. 

Thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention on the language of the review. The very official, correct Russian must put on the alert ( especially full names of the products and companies, which in the rela life we don't use; Macdonalds we, for example, often call McDuk and so on).

Forthly, it is necessary to learn the profile  from which the message was sent. To understand, that it is not "fake account", it will be enough to set the exact questions. If they answer you correctly and with the concret facts, so there is chance to believe.