Is checking the recommedations on applicants effective?

Is checking the recommedations on applicants effective?

In searching of the new employee we are with you, as future employer, are always ready to make averything to employ really smart and experienced specialists, who will have good personal qualities, easily and quickly fir in the staff. But how to determine, that everything will be especially in such way, when the potential candidates are already found. For this, you are the right to use by all modern instruments: starting from the detailed interview (also stressful) and finished by the checking on the lie detector. It is possible, of course, to use and more traditional way - ask in the candidate to present the recommendations or to check them. But is it worth to trust these recommendations? Is such checking will be effective? Let's understans together!

If the employee came to you on the interview from the competitive company, so you need to appertain to the recommendations from the last emloyer very attentively, and even alertly. Why? It's unlikely that the competitors will be interested in that to give you really good employer, but "to clap on" the not-qualified staff - is already another, in addition perfect step in the conditions of the hard competition. So you need to be ready to hear from the competitors not good reviews about really good employee, and vise versa perfect comments about not qualified enough specialist.

Before seriously trust or don't trust to the reviews about the potential candidate, it is necessary to know maximum information about the person, who gives this reviews. Sometimes it can be that those person, to whom you apply for the recommendations checking, angry or not satisfied by his life and he is always "against" everybody. It is clear, that from such person you can't hear good comment even about the most precious and professional, experienced employee.

There is again one important moment, on which you need to pay attention, listening the recommendations from the last employer of his potential new employee. Particularly, we have in mind the specific of that work, which the person did previously and those qualities, which he uses in the professional activity. Especially it is important in that case, if the employee came to work on the absolutely new post or in th enterprise of another profile. That this will be more comfortable,about what it is, for the salesmen of the consumer electronics in the chain shop  are advised to conduct themselves surely and actively, then the employees of the call-centers, offering the organic production, must act more softly. That is why, of earlier the person used in the work quiet agressif behavious and manners, so there is a chance that having coming with another requirements  to the behavious, he can simply readjust.

But there is again one important moment, which you need to know, if we speak about the reviews, recommendations, comments from the last employers. Here, this moment is that a lot of us, unfortunately, write these comments by yourself and ask their relatives to do this. These relatives then will answer you on the telephone, when you will want to recheck the mentioned information in the comments. To not be in the similar situation, it is necessary, as minimum, to call not on the phone number that you are received from the candidate, but those that you find in the network ( we have in our mind the number of the company representative). And, of course, if the cheating will open, it will not be any employment of such candidate, who wanted to cheat you.