Interview in English

In our country the proverb sledge is worth preparing ahead of a time, in the summer is quiet popular. And it is necessary to say that this proverb has a sense. Because, if in the nearest future you are expected to find work and numerous interviews, it is necessary to prepare for the last before.

If you dream to employ on the work in the domestic office of a foreign company. so you should be ready that the part of the interview will be in English language ( by itself, if such a requirement is stated in the vacancy). But, the similar compaies are not interviewd the respondents in English. There are others methods, which at the last time are used more often and often.

The first quiet popular methos - is more often, how to invite the potential employee on the interview, to search some information about him in the social networks. It is very often that the resource of this information are profiles of those or another networks. That is why before you will plan to find job, it is necessary to see your own accountsand to delete all the compromised shots. Which photos and posts are necessary to delete firstly?  Anything that has an explicit or hidden sexual overtones, hints or directly demonstrates your bad habits, cruelty towards people, animals, socially significant objects.

The second very popular method in the foreign companies are to ask the questions and immediately to need the proofs answers on them. How specially does it work? For example, you can be asked about your positivenparts of the character, and you should to list not only these parts, and also you should to confirm your creativity, hardworking, curiosity and etc. What exactly can be perceived within the framework of worthy proofs? To confirm your curiosity is possible by the certificates, proved the constant passage of refresher courses. Of course, the patent for this or that product will best patent  for your creativity. But and mentioned fresh idea on the company's production, in which you are going to employ, also will suit. The main thing, it is think about the this idea beforehand.

And also it is very often the people from the foreign enterprises, conducting the enterprises, by all the forces tried to put the respondents our of a temper. To drink coffee and accidentally pour it on your documents, interrupt you in the middle of a story about yourself, to answer a personal call - this is only a small part of that what at the first sight ressemle notadequat, and in the fact it is necessary to put you out of the temper. Your task will be
to never give in to provocation.Keep confidence, self-control and can even try to joke. In general, if the behaviour of your partner of the conversation start to evercome all limits of acceptable and decent, so you, of course, can and even must to stop the interview. It can be a part of the checking.

If we return to the part of the interview, which will be in English, so here everything is quite easy and very often there will be quite typical questions. So your task is to prepare the answers on them earlier.

What is usually asked in an interview in English? For example the following:

·         tell something about yourself;

·         which are your advantages and disadvantages;

·         why should  we take you on the work ;

·         how do you see yourself through 5/10/15 years;

·         which salary do you want to receive;

·         why did you get out of the previous work place;

·         which were your duties at the last work place.