Interesting professions 2019 for men

The world is full of all kinds of wonders ... We are constantly surprised by Mother Nature. The flight of human thought does not lag behind it either ... Every year any specialties disappear and they are replaced by more and more new ones. Let us tell you what interesting professions for men are offered by world recruitment agencies this year (Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, by the way, do not lag behind the world “professional trends”). "Gloria" is the best Kiev agency, also today it actively conducts recruiting of staff at the highest level and in new specialties, including. Here, they search staff in the field of IT exclusively professionally, recruit experienced managers, as well as ordinary employees for both domestic and foreign customers.
So, what does the global recruitment of personnel assume so unique today?
Experts insist on global technologization, and therefore the search for personnel in the field of IT and robotics is already a priority today. Moreover, analysts believe that humanitarian areas in the near future will need the basics of algorithmization and programming. Very soon, recruitment agencies (Kiev, Shanghai, Madrid, etc.) will be forced to search for personnel in IT and for medicine (IT medicine, bioethics, genetic counseling), and for construction (environmental analyst or urbanist, energy-efficient architecture). housing, the architect of the territories), and for agriculture (a specialist in robotic systems, etc.) and many other areas. However, let's not think so far ahead, but see what kind of interesting profession for men offers the current 2019 year.
The main thing that capital recruitment agencies (Kyiv) note is the growth in demand for those specialties that are generally not taught in the country as a whole. For example, one of the most popular professions is still a sales manager. Specify, in this case there are no special requirements for basic education of applicants. Economic it was either technical, philological - there is not much difference for a potential employer. Much more important is the level of sociability, which almost anywhere in Ukraine, unfortunately, is not taught.
Today, our country, which lies at the crossroads of trade routes, requires experienced logisticians to easily handle traffic flows.
The next trend is HR specialists. Most often we will clarify, such vacancies are closed today by psychologists, since personnel specialists in obvious deficit.
The most acutely modern Ukrainian market needs so-called engineering specialties. This situation is explained simply. Every year in the open spaces of the country there are more and more foreign enterprises, but local young and ambitious engineers who possess both knowledge, modern technologies, and foreign languages, and at least minimal experience in the industry are sorely lacking.
There is a demand, and it will grow, for the same specialists, but for agriculture. Ukraine, thanks to its unique natural resources, remains an agrarian power with great potential.
The specialties from the section “civil and industrial construction” remain in demand (it means, above all, the selection of experienced managers with a specialized engineering education).
Of course, everything is also needed both in the capital and in Ukraine, in general, by experienced programmers, despite the constantly rising salaries in the industry. First and foremost, foreign companies that have settled in the country are interested in them.