HR manager

The specialist who works with the staff - a special position, which requires high intellectual sophistication, high communication skills that will find common language with completely different people, a high degree of self education and development that will keep pace with the trends of the labor market, such a position as wring high stress tolerance, it is no secret that working with people the most difficult and emotionally costly. The first feature for a specialist is a  recruiting, then followed motivation, appraisal and training.

Recruitment Agency Gloria has extensive experience in the selection of personnel managers for their clients, according to Anna Rybchenko, a leading specialist consulting company "Gloria", to choose such a specialist is not so easy. Indeed, in the future, it will form a complex burden of responsibility for the entire staff of the company. With this in mind, recruiters place heavy demands on HR professionals. criteria for such requirements apply to the moral and professional, and personal characteristics of the individual. Such a specialist is required to have specialized education to be competent in working with staff, have relevant experience working as a diploma of education does not guarantee the availability of essential skills and vocational skills.

Anna  Rybchenko believes that he must, necessarily, refers to the "man - a man," that means working with people close to him in his life orientations of comfort, and most importantly, skills. Borned skills may develop high capacity, but on the contrary, unfortunately, no. Such a specialist should be a high level of professional preparedness and developed sense of personal responsibility. The presence of these and other factors may be the basis for the willingness to work in the field of personnel management. Experts in the field of "man - a man" more than anyone else prone to stress, but the right training and a high level of personal development, to minimize such effects and the impact of negative emotional factors. In general, it is interesting and important profession, which is beneficial for your entire company, but only on condition that this post is literate, competent person who loves this work and an open mind, and she is given fully.

Lyudmila Petruchenko