How understand from the vacancy, what an employer wants

How understand from the vacancy, what an employer wants

It seems that to understand what an employer wants to get from him future employee, it is quite simply to read attentively CV, because here, in theory, everything must be exact and laconic described. But, in fact, everything is more and more difficult. About all this, we talked today.

It is necessary to notice immediately, that a lot of the modern employers in the announcement about work search put not easy information, but something more. The most developed employers make, based on a seemingly trivial announcement, a whole quest that needs to be completed in order to obtain a job that is not desirable, but only an opportunity to attend an interview. In general let's talk about everything, in details.

Firstly, in huge quantities of the announcements about search of this or another employer the special testing tasks are met. Depending on which post you pretend, the similar task can be various. For example, if you want to take a post of the corporative psychologist, so you can be asked to write in short the plan of decisions of this or another situation. If you want to become marketing specialist, you can be asked to make advertising anouncement of one or another service. As asual, such testing tasks are asked to fix to CV. And, surely, if you don't make this, so anybody don't invite you on the interview.

Secondly, the way of sending this CV is also small test. It is more often the potential employers ask not only to sent CV via e-mail, but immediately to call HR manager and to say him about the sent letter. For what, it is necessary? The first reason -  to check how the person is attentive. IIf you do not bother to carefully read the announcement and fulfill all the requirements here (that is, send a resume and make a call), then no one will call you to work. The second reason is primary communication in order to understand the level of your speech, evaluate tact, courtesy, and communication skills.

Thirdly, sometimes it can be that the announcement about emloyment is quite bigger, here there is a lot of all possible information and whereever in the middle of text we can meet the fragment what it is necessary to conclude in CV. This is again one original checking on the attentiveness,which everyone, potentially interested one in the post must pass.

If everything, mentioned-above, hidden in the announcement, in the vacancy and is as some checking for the potential employee, so here there is determined by itself comprehensive conditions, which it is necessary to keep for everyone, who want to get the post.

1.                           Firstly, it is very correct, literately and without mistakes make CV. Of course, in CV should be only fair, truthful information about you, because it is not impossible that the data will be recheked attentively and deligently.

2.                          If there is no possibility to sent CV, but there is need to call on the concret phone number, so it is important to give a call at working time and to maintain principal rules of the business communication. You shouls address to your intelocutor strictly on "You". But in this don't forget to greet, present yourself and say the purpose of your call. Giving a call, be sure, that you in the quite calm place, and near you there are not crying children, noisy neighbours and etc. In addition, even on the phone you will get refuse, thank for the conversation and politely say goodbye. It is possible that this will be another test - a test of how you are responding to a failure.

3.                         If you will be invited on the interview, so it needs to be polite,amiable, delicate, punctual and choose business clothing style.