How to write a resume in 2012

The labor market is experiencing a post crisis of stagnation, the struggle for a good job growing every day. You can talk about how to pass interview how to choose a recruitment agency, but do not forget that recruitment begins with  the study of resume.

 If your resume is made incorrectly, the chances of further communication with the employer, you have very little. Let's start with the fact that such a summary, not only for the employment agency and recruiter, but also for the person who is looking for a job. CV - is primarily an official document of your work. Therefore, selection of personnel pay to this issue a lot of attention. Dear candidates, do not forget it, remember that the resume - it's not a humorous tale, not an artistic painting and entertainment paper with transitions and links. Imagine the surprise of recruitment agency, when, for example, to the CFO position, comes a summary of the applicant in the form of photographs and a description of what he claims to be chief financial officer.

Resumes must be in Word, should be in Russian or Ukrainian language (preferably in the language in which the vacancy is supplied), if the job does not require and does not involve writing a paper in English, German or another foreign language, do not straighten it resumes and only in this format. Sometimes, candidates send resume to Recruitment Agency in Portuguese, Spanish, or other (less popular languages), in such cases, we want to draw the attention of job seekers, it is better to write about the knowledge of such languages ​​in the text of the resume, but not to send him written in the language. After all, the chance that recruiters staffing agency knows the languages ​​thoroughly is very small. Professional resume should contain information on education: main and additional. Additional education - it is training, tactics and training courses and certification. This information should include a date and place of education, training time, the name of the course.

Current resume must reveal your professional experience, so please write the full information about the places of their work. This information should include the name of a company and its profile of activity. Viewing it is a key activity in this context, especially for smaller companies. Since, for example, if you write about  work as chief accountant in the company, "Ivanov and Sidorov," a recruitment agency can not understand this construction company, financial or legal. Information about the place of work should contain the title of your post, full list of your duties and the period of work.

Do not forget the main thing - writing, and your resume is sent to your own presentation of himself as a specialist. And if you took this lightly and superficially, the same result and the response will be from the employer.