How to write a resume

One of the initial phases of personnel recruiting begins with a summary review of the candidate. At this stage, recruiting many candidates are "eliminated" even without a personal acquaintance with them. Often the reason for it is written resume is illiterate. The applicant failed to disclose in its summary of your professional experience and accumulated sufficiently describe your skills and abilities.


Of course, any applicant must understand as a summary of this does not guarantee you a job and getting a particular job. But when the recruiter examines the huge flow of information, contained in hundreds of resumes, it is well-written resume will be able to stand out in this thread. This will be your first step on the path to the desired position.


And do not forget that how you write a resume, how much pay to that time, as its contents Set your also affects the impression of you as a whole. When a recruiter finds in your resume grammatical errors, wrong company names and positions of his opinion of you is formed not in your favor.


Resume - a professional document that will introduce you in the most advantageous position for a specialist with the recruitment and direct employers. This is a description of your achievements in the context of previous work. It should show how well you cope with the previous work.


Rules for writing a resume


-         Never write a summary in Excel (many job seekers make that first mistake), resume format is Word

-         The summary should contain information about your education (including name of the establishment )

-         The summary should reflect your professional experience in order with most recent job

-         The summary should include the name of the company and his position you occupy in it, indicating the period

-         Be sure to list the duties of his function, performed in the office or Ina

-         Enter your key professional accomplishments in the company

-         If you moved into a subsidiary company (or companies of the same owner), display it in the resume, otherwise you will get a folder of failures due to frequent changes in places of work wrongly

-         For each vacancy are individual summaries (when the recruiter gets resumes for the position, "Sales Manager", and your resume is referred to as "Director of Sales," do not be surprised if you do not receive a call

-         Do not forget to mention in the summary of the purpose

-         Do not write too much in summary


Executive summary:

1.Personal information and contact
2. Qualification
3. Goal
4. Education
5. Experience
6. Additional information
7. Recommendations


When your resume is ready, print it out and reread as if you are a recruiter. Imagine yourself in his place, that is evident in your resume that may be confusing the person who does not know you did not see, etc. If you have your resume is an affordable and professional, feel free to submit it to our position.