How to recognize the hidden leader in the company?

Recruiting company "Gloria", the work reviews of which are always the most positive, in this publication decides to issue the interesting and actual theme. Today the recruiting company, professionally recruiting (Kiev - the key city of the enterprise's work), will tell us who are these hidden leaders and how correctly recognize them in the collective.

Recruiting agency  "Gloria" pat attention for in that or another company, in that or another collective can be worked the leaders of three types. The leaders of the first type - are formal leaders, by another words, the employees who own the obvious leaders skills, used it actively and hold the leader's post. The leaders of the second type - are the unformal leaders, that is those people, who own the leader's skills, know about their ability to influence on the another people, use it, but do not hold the leaders post. And the third group of the leaders, how the recruiting company "Gloria" tell us, that is the hidden leaders. It is about the people, who has the leaders skills, but on that or another causes do not use it.

Why the hidden leaders do not use their abilities? "Gloria" - perfect recruiting agency, the rating of what among the enterprises-concurents is quite high, hurries to give the answer on this question. Firstly, not using by the hidden leaders their skills is more often due to the fact that such employees simply do not know that they have such talents.Secondly, sometimes the hidden leaders are aimed literally "trample" the existing potential in themselves, being afraid to attract increased attention to themselves. The unwilingness to demonstrate their leaders abilities can be bonded with the fear of the conflicts with already existing in the team of formal and informal leaders. In spite of this, the hidden leaders can hide its skills because he simply does not want to take the additional responsibility.

In the recruting agency "Gloria" there are often the questions why search and develop the abilities of the hidden leader, instead of use the talent of the unformal leader? The consulting company "Gloria", the reviews of which exceptionally good, explains, that such situation is usually due to the personal qualities  of the unformal leader, probably "rebellious" tendencies or the inability to get along with the line management. But the personal qualities of the hidden leader can be better and make the person more suitable for the career growth in the company.

How to highlight the hidden leader in the company? "Gloria" - perfect recruiting agency, the rating of which is really high, persuades, that for such "finding" is possible to use at once severak different  methods. The first method - is observation. Moreover, the observation can occur during the routine work of the team, and within the framework of a specially conducted event - training, games. What to look for? On how the collective perceives the ideas, offers from a person. If all of them are favorably received and immediately begin to perform, then this is most likely the hidden leader.

The company 'Gloria", professionally performing search and selection of the staff (Kiev - the main place of work of the company) also notes the second good way to reveal the hidden leader. We are talking about special tests, including blitz tests, which in this case work just fine (a person will not have time to think and hide his leadership). You can always find out more about these blitz tests from the company "Gloria" mentioned above.