How to get rid of the lifelong excellent pupil syndrome?

How to get rid of the lifelong excellent pupil syndrome?

The syndrome of the excellent pupil....In such way the inhabitants call the perfectionism demonstration. The last one, from the psychological point of view, is the feature with not simple structure.  In short is in the maximum intention to the perfection. In addition, the last one is intended not only for yourself but also for the others. The perfection, on their points of view, is the key purpose to which every personality is obliged to strive. The term "excellent pupil syndrome" took on because of that, that answer on the desire of the similar people to make everything as minimum on "excellent". The excellent pupil absolutely identify themselves with concret result of their work. That is why the perfectionists  have the overstimation of the self-esteem, unchangable comparison of themeselves with others, concentration of the attentiveness on the own mistakes and faults. The people with this syndrome are differed by polar thinking. The basic principle for them "everything or nothing!", that is they react negatively on any critics, and used to the new situations very difficulty. The cooperation for them is a big problem , because they are apt to the competition. The lifelong excellent pupil consider that they do not have the right on the mistake and on the mean result. If they can be the best, wait the self-castigation, strong critics, and in full the depression can be possible. Having the thought ideal, the similar entities get stuck on the results, survive criticism and disadvantages of another people very difficult. Yes, the perfectionists very often reach a peak, but one thing is bad, their successes handle them very expensive.

In conlusion, the apparent dignity is fraught with many personal problems. In plus, the scientists confirmed that the excellent pupil  syndrome can provoke the neurosis, to aggravation of many chronic ailments.

So, how to get rid of the lifelong excellent pupil syndrome? Later the simple recommendations from the psychologists.

Firstly - you need to set priorities, learn the purposes on the level of difficulty, divide the forces in the best way.

Second - it is very important to can relax. To save more the health it should ensure the interchange of the efforts and respites. The necessary practice - to permit to yourself to be not ideal. And it is good, if you will implement in the all spheres of the social and social life. It is not necessary to be everytime ideal employee, ideal friend, ideal husband, son, daughter and parent.

Third - it is not acceptable to compare yourself with another representatives of the human race. It  is important to think and to appreciate not only by the own originality, but also by the feature of the another people. It needs to make glad and for the successes of anothers. To abuse yourself for the failures is note correct. And it more better to It is not to feel sorry for yourself for your favorite praise. The mistakes are more correctly to understand as an integral part of life. It is even better not to feel sorry for yourself for your favorite praise. And the latter does not necessarily have to be connected with any achievements or successes.

The principal one, what is needed for the people with the excellent pupil syndrome  - is to learn to get the real pleasure of life. For this perfectly will be the hobby, especially the training for the soul. In the priritisation must be not the results achievement, but your own pleasure. The perfectionist, as a rule, are categorical and see a lot of things through the monochrome glassess: correct or not. For the development of the flexibility in yourself ,any another activity in group will be suitable. The ideal for these persons will be the team sport games, and also dances. For the excellent pupil all the activities are recommended, where the result depends not only on its efforts. The physical exercices will be usefull, because that, what is with the bosy, influnce directly on the internal world.