How to get into one of the most promising IT companies

How to get into one of the most promising IT companies

Today the biggest lack of the staff is in the it sphere. The recruiting agency Gloria in the given publication will tell you how guarantly get into the staff of one of the most promising companies in this area.

Professional staff selection  - principal direction of the activity by which differ the given recruiting company. Kiev Ukraine Gloria will help to find with pleasure the employees as IT-specialists, developers,  sysadmins and another specialities. Further the recommendation for those candidates of the it-sphere, the recruiting agency on whose CV, as a rule, does not react in any way. So, the reason especially in it -  incorrectly positioned document.

Many it-candidates, are sure in their proffesional ability, consider that confirm it easily on the interview, and that is why they rather formally relate to the CV preparation. The problem is that very often the recruiter do not receive these CV. To avoid this, your CV must have maximum detail and concret description of the candidates, with obligatory existence of the important for the given area key words. Only on the last one the modern recruiters select with the help of the automated search tools needed CV. If the application does not contain them, so, likely, the resume will not even be looked.

You should to pay special attention to the chapter "About muself". In it we mention all the skills and bewrite the desirable perspectives. Who know, maybe some potential employer have and another, more suitable vacancies for the last one.

It is clear, in CV, which the recruiting company will receive, the conacts of the candidate must be indicated, in plus it will be better if they are under the "hat" of the document.

Then and there about the photos. For the CV it is suitable only professionaly made photos. If you haven't such photo, it will be better to be without it.

The language of the CV is also important. English vacancy, and also vacancy, which indicate the require of the good English level, offer to write the CV only on this language.

And  about the motivation letter which also help to find the employees. Kiev (Ukraine) today considers it as some chapter in CV. The majority of the professional recruiters, realising the recruitment, firstly, familiarize with it. Very often the similar motivation letter becomes the cause when even CV is not looked. So you should to take into the consideration the keys rules of the motivation letter writing.

1. The document addresses to the concret employer.

2.The particularities of the enterpises are taken into consideration. 

3. Have the abilities description + main achievements of the candidate in the professional sphere, which interests this company.

Having written the full CV, the candidate must scrupulously recheck the document on the existence of the grammatical, spelling, and finally stylistic errors. If the latter are found in the document, you are unlikely to be trusted with writing the code ...

How strange it will sound, but it is important and corretly name the file with CV. CV.dox - exactly not what you need! Every recruiter has hundreds of the similar files with identic names during the day. On the rename of the last one, believe, it takes a lot of time!

If you do not miss out on making a resume, you will be invited to an interview. On the last, take into consideration, it is important not only to answer, but and ask questions correctly. So on the last the recruiter estimates and about the efficiency, and about the personal qualities of the candidate.

And a few words about the test task. Don't refuse on it! Nobody, believe us, thus, long time ago does not earn on job seekers, but to get a refusal is quite real.