How to get a good job without experience

Looking the proclaimong with the vacancies, a recent graduating student of the university may fall in the despair. There is nothing surprising, because the most of similar proclaiming have obligatory the line about the necessity of work experience. But what do if you have not this experience, but there is a desire to get a good job? The staff recruiting company "Gloria" and its specialists, not one year practice the staff recruitment, staff search, tell us about this today

The first what advice the company on staff recruitment " Gloria" - ignore the necessecity of the experience in the proclaiming  about the open vacancy. In general, this 'ignorance" obligatory must me smart. It is clear, that no one take you on the leading post without experience of people managing. It is clear, that you can not be accepted without the same experience  on the post of the leading specialist. But if you want to get those post, which will be in the institution  of more skilled employee, so in full it is possible to come on the interview and say honestly that you do not have the work experience yet. In this, do not forget to mention that you have the strong desire to work especially in this field and only in this company and you are ready to learn, work and do everything to become the real professionalist. Believe, such honesty and hospitability really buy over.But use this method is possible in the condition, that everything, what have mentioned above, is really true. But in the contrary case, the recruiting company "Gloria" persuades you that any lie will be open very soon. The result of all this can be the first note in the labour book with very small work term. And similar note, believe, will be an important signal for future employers that you should not be recruited.

In addition, if you, got a job in the described above way in some narrowspecialised field and lied, so even without note in the labour book there will not the chance to get a perfect post in the future. The rumors are expanding rapidly, whereas it's much easier to spoil reputation, than to earn trust and respect again....

The recruiting company "Gloria" is really advices in no case not to lie, trying to get a job. Some people, having seen in the proclaiming the line about the necessity of the experience, come to the interview and persuade that they have the similar experience. So, let's imagine, that  you believed, and you joined the service. How long do you think, how long will you "hold out" at the place you have just got, without having the necessary knowledge and skills to work here (experience is the first and second indicator)? Several monthes - and this, as maxіmum. The result of such lie, insists the recruiting company "Gloria", will be mentioned above the spoiled reputation and bad note in the labour book.

The lie is always bad and it alway leads to the negative consequences. This isimmediately is must be taken in the account for those, who simply decide to buy for yourself the work experience. Yes-yes, the specialists of "Gloria" - agencies, which professionally make the staff recruitment (Kev - principal place of firm's work) persuade you that it is so often at the last time. The company "Gloria" remind, that having bought the note in the labour book, you do not buy the necessary skills and knowledges, which is necessary for the employers, who included the similar item in their proclaiming about the open vacancy.

Which is the result? What the company Gloria recommends to do , professionally make the staff recruitment? Kiev - this a city of the big possibilities, for the achievements of which it is important to remain honest, truthful. Believe, those workers, who search the staff, estimate your honesty, if you directly say about the experience lack, but tremendous desire to work and study.