How to complete successfully a probationary period?

Getting your hands on a job offer in the desired company - this is not the final victory in the struggle for the first stage of your career ladder, this is only the first step, after which you will find the real test, called a "trial period".


The probationary period - a very important period. This is a particular stress, as a process of adaptation, around new people, new challenges, yet unknown to you the rules of communication in the company, the unknown features of the corporate culture and much more.


The probationary period is not unique to you, but for the company. During this period, take the final decision on co-operation and the company and you. Most often, you have three months to a picture of your new job was complete. The main thing is that the solution after the end of the probationary period has been mutually correct.


How to pass a probationary period will depend on many factors. But in any case it must be remembered that the first impression - the most powerful and memorable, and you have "never get a second chance to make a first impression."


Key factors for success during the probationary period for the majority of people can be such qualities:


Interest in the company and its employees. Try to understand the structure of relationships within the company. In any team has its own leaders, and those who make fun of anyone, and do not take seriously, and those who love to gossip. It is necessary to keep your distance: Do not "close" tight, but do not rush to enter into a relationship.


Initiative. In the first months should be a researcher, ask your mentor and colleagues all the questions that you have come, take and ask all the tasks that can handle (only a sober assessment of their strength).


Observation. Look around and analyze the cause-effect relationships. Do not know how to dress, and the rules of the dress code is not - look at his boss. Can I take the initiative - look for examples from the history of the company. Need facts on which you make your conclusions. Try to find a middle ground between the initiative and detachment, it will help you quickly find the company and find answers to most questions without arousing feelings of molestation from colleagues on your side.




Labour Code, Art. 25 of the Labour Code: "The probationary period for employment, unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine, may not exceed three months, and in some cases, in agreement with the union committee - 6 months. Term tests in hiring workers can not exceed one month. "


Labour Code, Art. 28 of the Labour Code: "If during the probation period set mismatch employee performed work, the employer may at any time during that period to terminate the contract of employment and dismissal of the employee, it does not withstand the test period."


Labour Code, Art. 38 of the Labour Code: "An employee is entitled to retire on their own, due to poor working conditions, failure by the employer of the employment contract."



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