How to combine the work and freelance job

In this post Gloria - the recruiting company (Kiev, UKraine) will tell you how correctly combine the work and freelance job to not work to death and that your work days do not lead to the hospital bed...

Today the search and staff selection is often and for the off hour job, realizing on the contract base. The affair is that in not simple time the majority of the firms aim for the maximum retrenchement. Because here, where earlier for the promotion/ support of the products was formed very often absolutely new team or the agency is hired, now the staff selection has in mind only the recruitment of a few specialists on the part-time or even freelancers.

But which advantages, our recruiting agency considers important, the freelance job, what can give to the energy hard worker? Which risks hide the similar combination of working places? Try to figur out.

First of all about the advantages. Yes, the combination - popular event, primarily - twice, and even three times by the big revenue. In this perspective we can remind the famous proverb, that money is never too much. It turns out very interesting and those projects, which the recruiting agency offer, the such work give the possibilty to obtain the precious experience. Particularily today productively work  freelance job such categories of the professionals, as designers, marketing specialists, IT-specialists and specialists from the consulting sphere.

The disadvantages of maximum employment, of course, are also available. The recruiting agency alerts, the work on two posts, even in one sphere, needs more time and physical moral forces. Only not many people can effectively work at the same time everywhere. As a result the mistakes in the planning, and the failure to meet time constraints of the projects handover, and the dissatification of the leadership.

Further about how to make the freelance job succesfully and minimise the possbility of the mentioned above risks. The specialists of the company Gloria that sucessfully  realize the search and staff selection for many years, have their own recommendations about this.

First - from the first day of the work you should make maximum exact and comfortable work shedule. Its executing - the task №1! In this perspective it is important to discuss with heads on the principal text of the employment the comfortable work shedule for you. Believe, reasonable director will not to want to loose the valuable cadres and will go on concessions with the organization of an individual work schedule. It is clear, that to let down such person is inadmissible and all its task orders later should be made perfectly and in the plan of the effectiveness, and in the frame of the terms.

Second - if you plan to work at home, you need to fit out the full work place which will be fit out by everything necessary. It is good, if you have the possibility to fit out small work cabinet, where the home personscan not prevent you to work productively.

Thirdly -always remember about the causes, which egg you on such labor feat. It is not prevent on the work table and "reminder" (picture, photo, pair of phrase and etc.) about the cherished dream, for which it was all started...

Forth - do not forget about the weekends. Work without relax and holidays is dangereous! The doctors have long proved that the human ressources not unlimited and professional burnout is more than real. Weekends are important for the coming performances. Let there will be 4-5 in a month, but they must be full. The best work those, relax fully, and completely forgetting about all the affairs, switching off all the communication channels...

Gloria - recruiting company (Kiev, Ukraine) wishes you successful combination! If it is necessary, we realise and the staff selection in combination.