How to choose the recruiting agency?

The recruitment Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), Astana (Kazakhstan) are implied - in any case, are realised in accordance with single, general principles. Today any modern agency on the staff selection, the recruiting agency realises the search of the employees, based on the scientific attitude. But how to choose the worth recruiting agency? Which criterias are used to evaluate it? We offer the answers on the given questions that will interested, fist of all, the employers. The nuance is in that we will look those enterprises, which are characterized by the determined duties and work on the honorariums especially from the employers.

The last ones consider the following criterias as basic (we arranged them according to the degree of significance)

- length of service on the market;

- reputation and degree of the renown;

- recommendations from colleagues;

- number and level of the previously closed vacancies;

- literacy of the presentations, personal impressions;

- quality of the resource in the network (attendance + frequency of the renovation + precision of the serch algorithm);

- garantee responsibilities (terms+reliability);

- cost of the services + flexibility of the payment scheme.

Why the most important is the length of service? Everything is logic, because this situation is typical for all intellectual services and recruiting agency - is not the exception. The more experience, the higher the professionalism of a specialist and accordingly big probability of the necessary result.

For such sphere, as the recruitment Kiev (Ukraine) is implied, or another metropolis - is not very important, because it is possible to speak about the serious experience only after 4 years of the active work on the market. In spite of the mentioned above the length of service also has the importance of the principal group of the employees of the agency. How to be sure in the mentioned length of service of the enterprise? Everything is easy, the confirmations  can be presented and by the statutory documents, and also by  the chronology of the events on the official resource of the agency.

About the popularity and the reputation of the enterprise, the activity sphere of which - the search of the epmloyees, is possible to estimate on the informative on the media, frequency of the renovations and website attendance, membership in the associations and prof. associations, mentions in the network, etc. In addition, the good indicator can be the minimal quantity of the negative reviews, and also professionally regularly carryied out advertising events.

If the agency is recommended to the colleagues, it is possible to speak about the successfulness of its previously work experience.

About the competence and professionalism of the employees of the enterprise on the setting stage of the aquitance with the agency is possible to estimate on the personal impressions. It is possible to rest on the pleasantness of the first produced  impression, on the literacy, clarity and reasonableness of the speech, sincere interest to the client.  The main thing that forms favorable impression -  knowledge of the principal problems on the labour market, and also the staff in the given sphere. It is important to mention that the competence of the specialists in the sphere of the recruitment increases together with the experience, the skills are improving on the special trainings. So it is not be odd to interest what is the basis of internal training in the agency, and by which achievements "your" recruiter officer can brag...

Such criterias as precision, producability of the agency work, to followe is not defficult. It is enough, for example, simply to look and analyse the documentation.

And about the cost of services. The enterprises that are presented really quality services,guaranteeing compliance not only with the obligations prescribed in the documentation, but and ethical norms, in the development of the employee's qualification, technical equipment, and also the developing of the effective methods invest big money. That is why the cost of their services will be above the average market. Rational therefore is the initial definition of the optimal ratio of price and quality, which you expect.