How to choose the good employee?

Successful enterprisers of the whole world announce constaneously: the base of the success of any affair is correctly selected staff. But how to make this selection? How to choose those employee, who leads the company to the success? About all this we want to speak with you today.

First of all, you must understand strictly which employee you need. Moreover it is important not only to determine with the qualification of the future employee. It is also important to designate the desirable "people qualities" for yourself and for the probable candidates. One employer needs the employer who will make all the instructions without arguing. Another, vice versa,needs from his employees the iniativity, and especially base on the expressed suggestions, optimizes his business. To which type of the directors you belong? Immideately decide this for yourself and in the correspondent way consist not only the marketing announcement, but also conduct the interview then.

In addition, especially correctly written announcement will help you to find those person, which is necessary for you. Here it is important to mention those obligations, which will be rested on the employee, thoses qualities by the person should have. And, of course, it is obligatory to mention the desirable professional requirements (work experience, existing of the education and etc.). It is true that it is important to approach to everything with intellect, competantly and don't require the 15-th aged of the work experience from the specialist at age 30. In the announcement it is also possible to mention the amount of that salary which you plan to pay to the employee. But act smartly - indicate the average amount "". In such way, you, if it will be necessary, can fix the worthy price of the work for yourself on the probation period, in this, don't cheat the employee ( as usual the price of the work on the probation period is law, that the value of the official principal labour).

In addition, you need to pay attention on the behaviour manner of those, who come forward on your announcement. It is important, that the person speak with polite, because, in the future you need to communicate with the clients of your company.
You liked how the candidate speaks with you on the phone, and you decided to invite him on the interview? Great! But there is not possibility to relax! Vice versa, only the interview will be the important stage, because it permit to know more more information about probable future employee during minimum time.

Firstly, pay attention to that, when the person came to the interview. The candidate was late? It is bad sign. The candidate came earlier?This is also not good sign, because it means that the person can't manage by its own time. The ideal variant - if the employee came on  the interview within 5-10 minutes to the signed time.

Secondly, look narrowly on the person's look. The neatness, nicety and business clothe, may not almost formal, will be the advantage. If the person looks untidy, so there is a considerable risk, that he can't will not be able to with due attention to his professional duties.

Thirdly, the manner of the communication is also important. In general, here everything will depand of that, for what you hire the person. If you need the good salesman, so the ability to communicate freely on any themes is very important. If the worker is needed for the "backstage" of your enterprise, so here it is more important the deep professional familiarity and the ability to speak correctly without stopping with you about the sphere in which your company works.

And also during the interview it is necessary to interest in person about the previous place of the work and the cause, on which the employee left the last service. The negative reviews about the last employee  should alert you.