How to choose a financial director

Any business is directly dependent on the skill level of the management team. It's about the triad of CEO, commercial and financial director. In this post, the recruitment company (Kiev) "Gloria" will briefly describe what is the basis for the search for senior staff today, as well as the core competencies of the CFO.
So, how is the selection of managers. "Gloria" - the capital recruiting company (Kiev) always carries out the search for senior staff on a scientific basis. Managers of the highest echelon are selected by the author's methodology from a proven database of candidates. This takes into account the latest market trends. As a result, the service “recruitment of top managers” from “Gloria” for clients results in receiving really the best of the best candidates.
Further, about the 5-ke of the core competencies of the financial director, which the recruitment company (Kiev) Gloria invariably takes into account when selecting it. For a good financier, impeccable knowledge of accounting, current tax legislation, financial management postulates, ability to set tasks, check their implementation, successfully implement external financing are important. In relation to the latter, the previous loan portfolio of the applicant is checked, as well as personal practical relationships with banking institutions.
The qualification of the manager is found out during the conversation about the previous experience of the management, the applied methods of personnel motivation and control. During the latter, special attention is paid to the simplicity of the presentation of answers to questions. If they are clear and fully satisfy the business owner, then if the other competencies are consistent, the applicant for the position is approved. Of course, it also assumes a systematic way of thinking, and the ability to translate strategic tasks into current ones.
In the majority of firms, accounting is the basis of management data. The director is obliged to understand the accounting records and immediately identify incorrect analogues. At the interview, therefore, the depth of knowledge of the regulatory framework for accounting is checked. In addition, the claimant-financier must understand the tax legislation and choose the best options for schemes of formation of transactions, and, in general, business, including taking into account possible risks.
An important competence of the financial director is the ability to build a management accounting structure and introduce a budgeting system. You can verify this aspect by proposing an applicant for a position to assess the investment load or calculate the value of a conditional business.
And about work experience. Selection of managers (Gloria works this way) implies a work experience in a similar position for at least 3 years, and ideally at least 6. At the same time, the success achieved by the company during this management period is important. Their evidence is recommendations, reviews from previous jobs.
The service “senior staff recruitment” from “Gloria” takes into account the educational level. The position of financial director is suitable for people who have a diploma of higher education in mathematics or finance and preferably have financial management courses.
And about those applicants who are categorically ineligible for closing the financial director's job. First of all, we are talking about “jumpers” who have not stayed in office for more than a year, explaining their frequent rushes by the collective nature of their colleagues or superiors, low salaries, poor working conditions, etc. Secondly, these are quite good financiers, but with difficulties in character (megalomania, exorbitant demands, capriciousness, etc.).