How to behave when late for a job interview

Consulting company "Gloria", reviews of activities which are mostly positive, is known as a recruitment company where very carefully related to this concept, as punctuality. The politeness of kings, as well as the duty of all good people, this recruiting agency appreciates it unusually high. Here are recruiter certainly not allow to be late for an interview even for a minute, clearly and harmoniously implemented the search and selection of staff. Kiev and its employers, believe us, today appreciate punctuality of its employees. In this publication we will talk about the consequences of being late for an interview for a potential competitor almost of any position.

Terefore, variant №1 - imagine the situation, you see that you late for a scheduled interview for reasons beyond your (traffic jams, accident, natural disaster, other emergency).  You should to call the contact number and warn a recruiter about the situation, stipulating the possibility to point the meeting on other time. This is the best option of the situation. The most common answer you will get is a refusal, in some cases, the interview will conducted, but minus the time for which you are late. Sometimes tolerated meeting. In any case, your reputation in such actions is spotless and the next time in the organization, you will not give up. Another thing, if you have managed in the same company to be late, and the second and third meeting ... Most likely, the desired position, you still do not get, because every recruitment agency rating and database forms its own, and in it you will be sure not to better position.

The second version of events, which is enough often notice Gloria (specialization, we recall, the search and selection of the personnel Kiev + region), if the candidate does not call or when appearing not take the trouble to apology, no explanation of the reasons for the delay. But the most bad behaviors is the aggravation of the situation, shifting the blame for being late to a potential employer or recruiter. It is categorically unacceptable to say "it is impossible to find you ..." and "Well, you and hid ..." ! Of course, the chance of being accepted, even on the most lower positions in the company, such a resourceful applicant will be a minimum.

Lets examine the situation when it's imposible to warn about impending late for an interview for the justified reasons. For example, the phone is run out of battery, or have any emergencies. The most correct behavior will show your interest in a particular situation, as well as the potential to address an adult really means. If you focus on success, tune in to win, please contact recruiter later, apologize and ask them to appoint another time for the interview. Reassure the interlocutor that you show up for the meeting on time, and that the delay for you is nonsense.

Almost every modern recruitment agency, the Professional rating whatever it may be, qualifies late for the interview, as a kind of indicator of the degree of responsibility of the candidate with respect to the future work. And recruiter representing any recruiting agency, is certainly right, considering the delay as a first negative marker professional capacity of the applicant.

Try to be punctual when looking for work. Believe, there is nothing worth than late of applicant, - well, except simple drunkenness and it confirms every modern recruitment company in notes

Successful employment will help you to organize consulting company "Gloria". Let be only positive reviews, about got job but more importantly, try never to be late!