How to avoid mistakes when choosing a Chief Accountant

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a Chief Accountant

Today, the recruiting company Gloria is professionally conducting search and selection of staff in many, many areas. Kiev and its many businesses are well aware, what level of services is able to provide this agency, quite famous in the capital and region. Gloria rating , as a professional, really and really high. In addition, the consulting firm Gloria has exclusively positive reviews about its work. All this explains why more and more customers prefer search and recruitment (Kyiv and all Ukraine) to carried out by this company, and no by other recruitment company.

This publication is an advices on the selection of the chief accountant that formulated the recruiting agency Gloria, based on its own considerable experience.

Let's start with the fact that the position of the chief accountant for any business - one of the most important. Under the supervision of a specialist, in fact, it turns out to be everything and everyone. Operations and transactions, and in fact, the whole activity takes place with the participation of the financial department and there is couldn't be in the other way in the modern realities of the business.

The first rule - the selection of the chief accountant is better to entrust to a specialist who has specialized education and has considerable experience in this field. Assessment of subject and characterization, and resumes. In the study of the last on it shoul be pay attention to the style of writing, and a biography. The stability is also important. Position of accountant assumes average length of work in one place for at least 3, and preferably all 5 years. Records, with a new job every six months - not the best option!

Even the manner of writing  can tell a lot about the prospective candidate. For example, negligence and carelessness definitely incompatible with the concept of the appropriate level of professionalism. Maximum seriousness and responsibility - these are indicators of attitude to work, which are characteristic of a professional.

The second rule applies to the assessment of the professional skills of the applicant. This component is determined, as a rule, in a personal meeting. Consulting company Gloria recommends analyze reviews from former employers. Moreover, it is meant not verification of provided recommendation, but calling to former employers and refinement of features of work of a jobseeker.

Communication via modern means of communication, on-line, is also permitted. During the interview, you need to figure out such important qualities as accuracy, responsibility, self-discipline. What matters and organizational skills, and management, computer skills, a good memory and a penchant for analysis, because have to constantly keep track of legislation and regulations. If there are doubts about the veracity of the words of the applicant, recruiting agency Gloria recommends, to reiterate some of the obviously "problematic" issues, to paraphrase them.

The third rule - a clarification of the personal characteristics of the applicant. After all, the last in the adult virtually immutable. Not only professional, but also personal qualities must fully meet the requirements of the customer.

In order to create really relevant rating of seekers, with a complete image of each of the applicants, the recruitment agency is required at least a couple of answers to each of the questions asked. The last can be quite simply paraphrased - the rule applies here.

Let your choice of the chief accountant will be really good!