How to achieve the setted goal at work

If you want to achieve that or another purpose at work, so the first, what we need to do - is to form correctly this goal. The formulation must be from the first person, at the current time and obligatory positive. As for the last item, during the formulaton it is forbiddent to use "not"

In the purpose formation  it is very and very important what you want. If on the wage increasing insists your wife,  if your friends are being also squeezed, believing that the position occupied is too low, and you actually want to grow sheep in the mountains at all, then the goal should in no way be cut off precisely with your desires.

What will be if during the purpose formation we will take into account the points of view of the another persons, but not ourselves? In fact, there is nothing good, because it means that to achieve desirable, you will not get the pleasure and, possibly, don't feel any emotions. Then in full you can have serious stress, depression and it means that you simply work in vain for some time. Then the next question can appear: " Why do we need to set the next purpose?" What can I get from it, having achieved it?". In general, the conclusion of everything can not be in full desirable, that it why we set the purpose, orientationg firstly on your desires.

The goal is setted, and what do we have further? Then we need to give for yourself the concret time on this goal achievement. If you simply set the goal before you "To take the CEO's post" without indications of the concret dates, so it will be not the purpose, but sooner dream. And absolutely another affair, if your goal will notice as: "To the end of the next year to take the CEO's post".

Now you need to make the exact plan, on which you will go to achieve the setted goal. For example, now you take the post of the deputy director, so in the next year, you must do maximum that your a maximum so that you will notice the superior leadership. Several important projects planned for the coming year? Then in your plan there should be these very projects, or rather their successful implementation.

Moreover, it is very important to set the concret terms for the implementation not only its global purpose, but for the achievement of the mentioned above earlier drawned up plan. This does not permit you to stop on the way to the desirable success.

Separetely, it is necessary to think about what is especially you need to achieve the mentioned above purpose, because if you don't have something, so it means, that now you have not  got particular skills, knowldge and abilities. If it is about the CEO's post achievement. so during the work over this item the main statements of the development of your enterprise can help you.  Learn mandatorythes information on what your company most appreciates in your employees. In some cases this is initiative, in others it is the ability to clearly fulfill the tasks "without asking superfluous questions". Determine what is missing to you, which will be more useful in your situation and develop the appropriate skills, get the necessary knowledge (by the way, it is the deficit of the latter that often causes not appointment to a particular position - think about it).

And think carefully about how you reward yourself for achieving your goal. Some will have enough awareness that "he could." But if you want something big, promise yourself after reaching the desired pleasant purchase or a fascinating trip. And, of course, do not forget to reward yourself.