How successfully pass the probationary employment?

In this small post the recruiting company Kiev Ukraine Gloria, the specialisation of which - recruitment, will tell us about how successfully pass the probationary employment? The staff selection in this company  is already on the professional base for a long years and that is why the functionaries have someting to say and advice for those, who pretend on the desired vacancy...
              So, according to the ukrainian legislation the probationary employment is not more than 3 months and it is perfectl known for everyone who carries out search and selection of personnel. The maximmu possible its term and of course on the agreement with prof. comittee - can atteign 6 months. In fact practically all employers do not exceed a couple of months and this is enough to realize the recruitment. And furthemore the recruiting company Gloria offers the recommendation how with the dignity and with the maximum benefit for yourself to survive this difficult period.

First - nothing is lost for asking, so do not be shy to ask. The questions is possible and necessary to ask for the direct guidance, and for the collegues. Be sure in yourself and in your forces. To be perceived as a professional, do not forget about your self-esteem. Precise the uncomprehensible. Clarify the unclear is completely natural, but be careful ... There are possible provocations, so vigilance will not hurt ... The period is absolutely not for the relax. The testing and verification  - are usual things on this period. Any recruiting company Kiev Ukraine or this, Minsk Belarus or Astana Kazakhstan will recomment to be sure that really the professional is accepted on the work. Possible, and workload, and complete idleness. In the last case in such way the initiative is checked.

Second - after the middle of this period you need to be more independent, showing the abilities to take the decisions, and be responsible for them. Today the initiative  in the most progressive companies is a plus. Appreciate, without doubts, and fresh look, and innovative ideas...The Recruitment Officer with high innovative potential, believe us, no any recruiting company and no one sane director will not miss.

Third  - communicate and learn, accepted in the collective the rules of the behaviour and values.  Following them is necessary, even if it is not liked by you. But be very frank about yourself with the new collegues is not worth. Remember that you came to  work but do not make friends. In addition, you should not succumb to the tricks and enter into any groups. Any conflicts are avoided in every possible way. The best tactic at this stage is to listen more and talk less. Complain someone on the workload or on colleagues - is unacceptable! Your task is try that the guidance will have the positive atittude, that is why it will be correctly to put the priorities and plan earlier the behaviour tactic. Remember, that by your behaviuor at this stage you already earn a positive reputation.

Forth - adequately and calmly take criticism in your address. To make the conclusions of it necessarily, as well as correct mistakes, which were  identified by someone. But to critisize someone at this stage needs carefully and correctly.

Fifth – under any circumstances you should not be late on the work.

And the last, if you are accepted on the work after the probationary employment, do not change the behaviour line, which you keep recently.

Have successful passing of the probationary employment and acceptance to the chosen vacancy!