How not to marred the impression on the second interview

How not to marred the impression on the second interview

Here it is, it's happened - you not only successfully have passed the first interview for the coveted position, but also received an invitation to attend the second meeting. But how to prepare for this second interview? What to do and what not to do in order not to marred a good impression? Answers to these and many other questions are given by consulting company Gloria, reviews of which work is always very positive and which has already successfully employed hundreds of Ukrainians.

So here's advises from recruiting agency Gloria to all those who are invited for a second interview:

Recruiting Company Gloria advises not to change strategy. No one will argue with the fact how difficult, time-consuming search and selection of staff. Kiev - a city of big companies, where in staff selection usually involved own HR departments of companies, or specially hired recruitment companies. In any case, its own human resources departments, and hired recruitment companies will be informed in advance  what is required of candidates for the position. Once you've been invited to a second interview, it means that some of the necessary skills, abilities, traits you have already demonstrated. To change strategy at the second interview, you risk cancel all past successes.

By the way, there is a specific rating of requirements, which are imposed on the applicants - says the "Gloria" - well-known Ukrainian recruitment agency. The rate includes the following items: a set of the necessary professional knowledge and skills, honesty, sociability, desire to make contact, the ability to perceive criticism, etc.

Remember that your line of conduct in the second interview, should be about the same as at the first met. Moreover, if you have already started to show some of this knowledge, skills and traits you need to continue to do it further. However, it is important and "do not overdo it," "do not go too far," - emphasizes the consulting company Gloria. Reviews of the candidate for the position may change significantly if he is at the second interview in an attempt to "show off" stop listening to his opponent, and, moreover, will seek to seize the initiative. Remember that both the first and second interview, the reins of power should be in an employee of HR department or hired the recruiting company. If you try to change the "balance of power", the recruiting agency or employee of personnel department may decide that in the same way you will do in the future, will ignore the instructions of management, in an attempt to show your individuality.

Remember also that the desire to learn as much information about the interlocutor - that is the main task of a specialist, and that's what is the search and selection of staff. Kiev and its employees with a similar purpose, at first, will use a simple survey. Moreover, at the second interview, you will likely be asking for more than personal questions. Be prepared for this, answer truthfully, but briefly. And remember, no former leaders or ex-wives and husbands (if any of you can also take an interest) in any case can not be scolded. Calm, neutral attitude to the former partners in work or in life - that is your path to success.

By the way, at the second interview, you may well provide important personal information about you as that found employed by a recruitment agency (rating among such agencies in Ukraine, by the way, the highest just at Gloria). So, if those data match with your story and on the past, and in this interview, it is likely you are also waiting for a third meeting, and even recruitment. Well, if there is any discrepancy you will most likely be asked to leave.

лне могут предоставить важную информацию личного характера о вас же, которую обнаружило нанятое рекрутинговое агентство (рейтинг среди таких агентств по Украине, кстати, самый высокий именно у Глории). Так вот, если эти самые данные совпадут с вашим рассказом и на прошлом, и на этом собеседовании, то, скорее всего, вас также ждет и третья встреча и даже прием на работу. Ну, а при наличии любых несоответствий вас, с большой долей вероятности, попросят удалиться.