How not to burn out at work

What is the "emotional burnout"? How to avoid it? About this - further.

Health is more expensive than anything else, even than the most highly paid, prestigious job. This is known to psychologists, doctors and therapists, and ordinary citizens who care about their physical and psychological equilibrium ... It is easy to prove you  the above thesis and any noteworthy personnel recruitment agency. For example, the company "Gloria" - a well-known recruitment company in Kiev. In fact, this agency is not only efficient searches of staff and employs jobseekers, but also helps to choose the most optimal place of work for each client, depending on the wishes, psychological and physical abilities. As a result, any "office" or "emotional burnout" does not threaten you. You just find the original work place in which to work is comfortable as mentally as physically.

"Emotional burnout", according to many health experts, it is not just an individual disease, but rather a characteristic disease of the whole civilized society. Risk Group considered the profession of the category "person-person": psychologists, doctors, teachers and personnel managers, officials and employees of law enforcement agencies, as well as representatives of the service sector. This also includes those professionals who are on duty or constantly on business trips, as well as personnel responsible for the search.

The root of evil for all of these individuals - in the communication (only for work) overload, busy schedule, lack of decent remuneration, etc. Add to this crowding, strained relations with the authorities, various proffecional harm and it becomes clear how it's all in the complex leads to mental and physical exhaustion. This total immersion in the work and ignore of own feelings, experiences and leads to terrible disease - a syndrome of emotional burnout.

In the first stage the illness practically does not manifest itself, the only thing - interest in the work almost extinguished. In the second stage syndrome itself is already beginning to detect fatigue, apathy, sleep problems, symptoms of indifference to the work. The third step - it is a disease in the chronic form. For example, if the place of work of such a specialist - staff recruitment agency, a person with the syndrome will cease to cope with assigned duties. Irritability and change of  the nature of the worse will not be allowed to carry out search of personnel or filling of vacancies at the proper level. The last stage of burnout syndrome - the so-called crisis. It is at this stage, it formed a complete picture for the emergence of serious psychosomatic diseases, such as ulcers and asthma, hypertension and dermatitis, various tumors, including oncology.

What are the recommendations to its clients about the burnout syndrome gives Gloria - recruitment company in Kiev? First and foremost, choosing the future place of work, is worth to consult a psychologist to find out how comfortable will be in the selected field. Second, work - work, but ignore the possibility of expression is unacceptable, as well as to give the benefit of the work of leisure. Operating problems should stay where they are supposed to. Sliding the chair or by closing the door, you have to completely forget about the troubles of working. A great option for productive leisure - to find like-minded people, and given the range of interests that called for 100% at least once a week, and it is better - more often. To improve in your favorite business not to give up on the possibility of additional education. Who knows how life will turn, and suddenly the next job will be directly related to the fact that today is just a fad ...


Live happy, rich and on full!


Lyudmila Petruchenko