How not to be deceived in finding a job

That, looking for a job, not to be deceived, it is necessary to know the tricks of the modern swindlers from "recruitment". Further the recommendations on this account, prepared by the specialists of the recruiting agency "Gloria".

About a pass examination in heath.

If in the food outlet is needed medical record - it is norm, so the offer to pay the full  medical examination for manager should put into alert.

About paid education.

It is not necessary to hurry to pay the offered, which seems obligatory, until the Labour contract signment. If even the potential employee motivates this by the advanced training necessity, agree on the last one only after official employment. 

About card payment.

It is not necessary to bring small amount for the plastic card, on which the salary will place to account. There are seveal moments, which you need to take into account obligatory, especially:

- The card is made only after official employment, after signing of the the official labor contract;

-  it is probably and very often the presentation of absolutely free card by the bank structures are practised. In addition the employee has the possibility to choose independently the variant of the used card.

        About the purchase of any goods.

The most popular trick of the fake-employers are using of the scheme, which are available to the network marketing. By another words, first of all  the employee should to buy it for the realisation of any production in the futur. It is quiet often, in the quality of the similar version of "trick" is used and the persistent offer of purchase of any materials for the futur work implementation.

About "guaranteed" employment

By the way of the mentioned-above, it is offered very often the admission on some post with lowly salary on the probation period. In this the permisson of the quick promotion after the enrolment in the principal staff is sounded. But, after probational 2-3 months, the candidate, who perform well his duties, suddenly finds himself out of work ... The very important reasons appear only to refuse to the candites on the permanent base. In fact, everything is easy! In such way, artful enterpreneurs try to economize. Yes, the employee receive the salary, but the in a shortened volume!

       About the substitution of the contract by loan agreement

The most popular trick in the give sphere today. It is about those cases, when the employee receives the affirmation in the letter with "almost acceptance by the desired work". But, as it turns out, for the employment  is necessary to present passport. Further at the signing moment Then, at the time of signing the labor contract, it suddenly turns out that you are being offered to sign a credit equivalent to it. Remember that all documents before signing, should be read in the most scrupulous way.

Making a conclusion, listed, the principal problem moments, which should put in alert during the employment.

Firstly, it is very suspiciously look like big quantity of the candidates of the different age, which, as you, came on the given announcement to employ.

Secondly, the sizes, of the promised salary, which exactly higher of the middle in this sphere. But we don't speak about those cases, when the salaries will be very high.

Thirdly, the nebulosity of the requirements to the potential applicants.

Forthly, minimum notices in the opened acess, as about the company, as about the future requirements of the applicant. If general phrases sound in response to specific questions, this is definitely a trick.

firthly, the requests for any amounts. Whatever it is not motivated, most likely, you are dealing with an insolent deception.

Be attentive, and it will be better to apply in the recruiting agencies with impeccable reputation and experienced professionals.