How freelancers work in Ukraine and abroad?

Today more and more people instead to work "on the uncle", sitting in the undusted office, take discharge from the service and go the freelance-world, But what is such world and who are such freelancers? What do these freelancers and by what their activity in our country differ from the analogical work abroad? Low we try to give you the answers on these and another questions.

Our today's conversation we would like to start from the definition who are frelanceers and what do they usually do. In addition we won't tire you by some specific terms and try to understanf everything by simple,comprehensible  and clear language. So, if speak maximally simply and comprehensibly, so the freelancers - are those people who earn the good money  don't left home. In addition everything is in the next way: the freelancer display its publicity about the readiness to work in the net. To him , again, answer the potential employer. Having discussed all the conditions, the freelancer start to execute an order. Then he get trough it on the Internet and wait the money transmission for his work.

The freelancer's work has its advantages and disadvantages. From on side, the work at home is good, and of course can be paid highly. Form another side, always there is a risk, that the employer can be sticky fingered and don't transmit the money for the fulfilled work. And also the freelance in Ukraine can have some problems with the revenue services. Which?

The freelancer - is the entity, from the one side, work on himself, But, from another side, this is entity, who works, and it means, that he should pay taxes. If you, working, will get some not big amounts, so the revenue service won't be interested by you. And when the amounts on your account will be more considerable, and the translations will become to come from abroad, then it is possible and administrative, and even criminal liability.

Unfortunately, at this moment in our country there is any law that will control the freelancer's activity, and it means that you can rely only on yourself and especially on yourself. The best variant for the modern ukranian freelancers, who work for a longtime, steadily and obtain not bad money - to register, as self-employed person and to pay the taxes. In addition,if among your clients are the representatives of another countries, so during the self-employed registration will be important to indicate among the activities types and international business.

The nearest neighbors - Belarusians, also there is no legislative act that would regulate the work of the freelancers. The situation here in general is similar.

And what concerns Russia, so here we speak about freelance very often and on the legislative level. Especialy such conversations are become more often at the last year. There it was teken the decision to legalize the freelancer's work in the local correspondent code. When such changes in the Labour Code of Russia will be fill in, the freelancers of the country can estimate on the pregnancy payment, medical leave and vacation pay. It is not bad perspective, isn't it?

What concerns the situation about the freelance and the freelancers in the USA, so the last ones are consideres "independent contractors". In fact, the freelancers in America - is special variety of the enterprises, who expose to the specific taxation.

By quite interesting way the legislative question around the freelance is regulated in Italy. In the local civil codex there is a definition as self-employment. In addition the self-employment can be workers of the intellectual work, which are close to another modern freelancers. The last ones are taxable by the taxes, have their social guarantees and work conditions.